Halloweekend is officially here and while that’s exciting for us, it equals “busy as all hell/slim pickings” for costume shops everywhere the next few days. Why not look in your own closet to build your disguise this weekend? Last year we took your closet as inspiration to build frighteningly fashionable disguises, this time we’re here to build you the Denver edition of Halloween costumes.

The Colorado Pride Hiker


The Capitol Hill Barista

The Beer Snob

The Lumberjack

Think you can rock one of the looks above? Have at it, we completely support you. Or take inspiration and put together your own Denver outfit. Be safe, and have a happy Halloween.

Models: Phoenix Lynne Alden, Jordan Albright 

Wardobe Stylist: Aaron Rodriguez

Clothing: 32nd West for The Colorado Pride Hiker and The Capitol Hill Barista. Spruce for The Beer Snob and The Lumberjack

Photos by Danielle Webster