A short drive from Denver, Eagle, Colorado is an undiscovered gold mine of outdoor activities. With over 100-miles of single track, multi-use trail, Eagle stands to be a mountain biker’s paradise.

Located two hours west of Denver on I-70, the town of Eagle is surrounded by public open space, Bureau of Land Management property and US Forest Service land. The city has worked hard to preserve this land and maintains this trail system for all to use. Eagle is quickly growing a reputation for great mountain biking. The city boasts that you can reach a trailhead from anywhere in town and on a quick drive through you will see green signs showing the way.

Exiting the highway you are greeted by a giant “Mountain Bike Eagle” sign and it is clear driving through town that mountain biking is the main attraction. A good place to start is the local pool and ice rink, located at 1700 Bull Pasture Road. The ice rink’s parking lot is the start or end to the majority of trails and gives you access to the dirt pump and BMX race tracks.


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Whether you are a seasoned rider or just getting into mountain biking, Eagle’s trail system offers something for everyone. Riders looking for an easier introduction to trail riding should check out the Haymaker Ride. This 5.4-mile loops kicks off from the pool and ice rink parking lot and takes riders through a mix of terrain and has an expected ride time of under an hour. This can either be used as a fantastic warm-up ride for experienced riders or a gateway trail for newer riders looking to try out the sport. As an added bonus when you are done with this trail it leaves you looking right at the dirt-BMX track. We recommend giving that a spin.

If you are looking for something in the middle, as a difficulty rating goes, take Third-Gulch to Pipeline Trail. This trail starts and ends at the parking lot on Arroyo Drive and is a straight forward 4-mile climb to a 4-mile downhill ride. This ride is expected to take just over two hours and includes a section of rockier single track, so be prepared for some technical riding.

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For some outstanding views give the Boneyard to Pool and Ice trail a ride. The trail is rated as difficult and include several steep technical sections on the downhill, but if you are up for it will yield some of the best views in Eagle. Consisting of primarily single track, the Boneyard section of the trail winds uphill through a wooded section and opens up into a desert plateau before reaching Pool and Ice for the arid downhill sections. The trail is just over 6-miles and expected to take two hours. The ride starts at the Boneyard Trailhead and ends at the pool and ice rink, if you have two cars park one at the ice rink and drive the other to the trailhead, otherwise park your car at the pool and ice rink and get a nice warm-up bike ride in along the recreation path to Bluffs Drive and the Boneyard trailhead.


Eagle has limitless possibilities when it comes to mountain biking and a trail for every skill level. EagleOutside.com provides an extensive library of trail guides that include difficulty, maps, distance and descriptions of what you will find on the trail. If you are moving from lift-access mountain biking riding into full trail-riding, be aware that some of these trails will contain more natural elements such as fallen branches and rocks compared to riding at the ski resort. Be safe and have fun on the trails.

All photography by Joshua Headley.