[Update January 4, 2018, at 8:42 p.m.: Meow Wolf is officially coming to Denver as a permanent exhibit. Go here for full details]

[UPDATE September 11 at 3:35 p.m.: Meow Wolf CEO Vince Kadlubek has confirmed that the Meow Wolf Gallery at 2750 Blake Street has been canceled. “Unfortunately, due to various concerns including capacity, we were unable to finalize the pop-up gallery show during CRUSH,” said Kadlubek. Meow Wolf is still a sponsor of CRUSH 2017 and Kadlubek encourages people still to attend. “But Meow Wolf is really psyched for the incredible artists that CRUSH will be supporting during this unprecedented festival of public art, and we will be painting a couple walls ourselves.”]

[UPDATE August 30 at 8:48 a.m.: Meow Wolf has since retracted their statement that the event is part mini Meow Wolf. They have updated their statement to reflect that the event is an art gallery and will not mimic a mini Meow Wolf.]

By now, you’re likely familiar with the hype around Santa Fe’s Meow Wolf. And we agree — all the buzz around the immersive art experience is warranted — especially since it’s rumored to come to Denver. That makes the following announcement even more exciting — Meow Wolf is bringing a mini version of its gallery here to Denver as soon as next month.

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The pop-up is a part of CRUSH — RiNo’s largest street art festival that will utilize over 100 street artists to re-paint the art district with beautiful murals. The event is growing in considerable size this year by expanding its boundaries (which include 100 walls) and dates. Now a week long, one of the many reasons for the expansion has to do with a sponsorship from Meow Wolf.  As a part of their involvement, the New Mexico collective will setup the pop-up at a warehouse at 2750 Blake Street for the duration of the festival (September 11 to 17).

Meow Wolf, Cori Anderson, 303 Magazine, Santa Fe Art

Meow Wolf Santa Fe. Photos by Cori Anderson.

According to Meow Wolf’s Annie Phillips, “There will be both 2D wall art and 3D installation art featured. If you have been to Meow Wolf before, it will be one part gift shop, one part art gallery [and] one part mini Meow Wolf.” The featured artists will be a mix of whose participating at CRUSH as well as Meow Wolf Santa Fe artists. Phillips also confirmed artist working on Meow Wolf Denver will participate.

As for the location of the official Meow Wolf Denver, it’s still undetermined. The warehouse building on Blake Street sold earlier this year to Formativ, the group behind the World Trade Center at 38th Avenue and Blake Street, as reported by Business Den.  However, Phillips said they would like the use the space for future projects, so there’s a possibility Meow Wolf could return to the space in other forms.

The Meow Wolf pop up will be located at 2750 Blake Street, Denver. It will be free to visit and will be open from 12 – 6 p.m., September 11-17. 

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  1. Mary

    The Meow Wolf pop up is not at 2750 Blake. Several people walking around looking for it. 2750 is an empty building

    • Brittany Werges

      Hi! Check the update at the very top of the article in red. Meow Wolf retracted their statement that they were hosting a pop up. They said they were still looking to put on a gallery event at that location but I’ll check in to see if they canceled that as well. If nothing is there then that may be the case. We’ll check back with them and update the article accordingly.

      • M

        Right but you are still stating there will be an art gallery. There is absolutely nothing inside that building. You are mis informing everyone.

      • Brittany Werges

        As explained, they said they were still hoping to host an event and have not confirmed otherwise. I have reached out to their team to clarify if they have canceled it completely. It is definitely unfortunate that you did not find anything happening at the location but we can’t control if they decide to cancel the event without notice. But we are trying to get a hold of them as we speak and will update the article as soon as we get confirmation.

      • Brittany Werges

        We got a hold of Meow Wolf’s CEO and he confirmed they canceled the event. The article has been updated! Thanks for letting us know. We appreciate it.

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