Annie Stookesberry — the Denver food ‘grammer behind popular account @5280_eats — is using her influence for more than food photography these days. She’s now launched Feast Locally, a dining club in Denver where members will receive monthly discounts at select Denver restaurants for six months.  

“The Denver food scene continues to experience a tremendous growth spurt, which is so exciting — but it can also be overwhelming and difficult for people to navigate,” Stookesberry explained. “My goal with creating Feast Locally is to make trying new restaurants more attainable.”

Participating restaurants include Annette Scratch to Table, Bar Dough, Bigsby’s Folly, Bones, Cattivella, Concourse, Hearth & Dram and Owl Bear BBQ. In addition to the discount, Stookesberry will include recommendations on what to order, where to park and more.

“We want Feast Locally to feel more like a concierge that points diners in the right direction while adding some extra incentive to skip the go-to spot and mix it up instead,” she said.

Feast Locally cards are $100, granting members access to a 15 to 20 percent discount on the entire bill at select locations — including alcohol. Restrictions apply, but most will allow members to use the discount more than once during the month. The membership has a six-month term and can be purchased at any time

To purchase a Feast Locally membership or learn more about the program, you can visit