This year’s Underground Music Showcase (UMS) came with random weather patterns bringing out diverse looks with each attendee. We saw just about everything from head to toe pink, to denim on denim, however, comfort seemed to be the main factor at this years UMS. With lots of unique looks and trends seen on the streets this season, see if you can spot yourself in our photos.

“I went with an all denim look…because you can’t go wrong with denim. I also got this fanny pack for 1 dollar at an estate sale.”

UMS Headliner Esmé Patterson went incognito with a candy color wig and blue sequin dress.

“I saw jeans under a dress in some fashion magazine and thought I’d try it out.”

“I got my boots from Shepler’s”

Page said, “the leggings are from a Colorado based company, and I got the top from Goodwill just about, 5 minutes ago.”

Tyler was spotted in shades of pink, with a homemade hat and vintage Van Halen tee-shirt.

Kenya (left) and Bonnie (right) wanted to be comfortable but still express style. “We did gold accents on our makeup as worrier paint,” Bonnie stated.

Phil, “I’m wearing my denim jacket that I’ve been working on for some time now and Balenciaga shoes.”

UMS Headliner Benjamin Booker wore this understated silk shirt.

Julia (left) “I found this jacket in the basement at work and just cut off the sleeves to give it some edge.” Rachel (right) “I love overalls for their comfort and will find any excuse to wear boots year round.”

“I’m in the band The Violet Tides, and we’re playing tonight. So I needed something rockin to wear,” stated Kaelan.

Friends spotted cruising around UMS

UMS Performer Chloe Tang wore this printed dress on and off stage.

Tessa Rogers said, “I’m very hung over from last night…and I usually have bans so I needed to get them out of my face!”

UMS band, Vinyl Williams, from left to right (James, Lionel, Ian, and Billy.) Vocalist Lionel jokingly stated, “Our looks are the exoskeleton of our souls.”

Pamela White and Tiffany Onore, “we wanted to keep cool in the heat and look cute.”

Vic (right) was playing a set with his band, Larry Nix and The Killer Gents. He and his girlfriend Jo (right) love to dress up.

All photography by Amanda Piela and Brittany Werges.