It was a rocking Friday night at Larimer Lounge. Summer is just around the corner and you could feel it in the air. The atmosphere was buzzing and people were excited for an entertaining night. The large crowd was treated to a manic musical display from Boulder rock ‘n’ rollers The Velveteers. Around 9 p.m. people began to fill the bar in anticipation for a killer night of rock ‘n’ roll. The crowd ranged from elderly folks to high school kids, and everyone seemed to be in good spirits, ready for an energetic night and the bands certainly delivered.

Larry Nix and The Killer Gents started the evening off with some badass rocking songs. This group brought the toe tapping, hip shaking old-school vibe. Donning a blue fitted suit and a slick haircut, lead singer Larry Nix had the stage presence of rock ‘n’ roll greats like Jerry Lee Lewis or Chuck Berry. Accompanied by three back-up singers and a rock solid rhythm section, this opening act really had the crowd feeling it. Every song was hard edged and blue-soaked with lots of soul. This group had no problem getting the crowd to clap their hands and join in.

The Velveteers

At 10 p.m., Larry Nix and The Killer Gents wrapped up their energetic set and thanked the audience profusely. At this point, Larimer Lounge was thick with people as the heavy hitting duo took the stage. The red lights at the back of the stage gave the pair an eerie glow and they aptly opened with “Bloody Little Secrets” and instantly got the crowd’s heads banging. With a sound so loud, its songs bounced around the venue with intensity. It was amazing that a two-piece could achieve such a rich and heavy sound. The sonic assault continued and the crowd was eating up every note.

In the middle of its set, The Velveteers launched into “Death Hex,” a dense and droning tune with haunting vocals. The group continued to crush with riffs that sounded like a buzz saw. Lead singer Demi Demitro had an amazing stage presence. With her long hair whipping all over, she belted songs like a heavier, more raw version of Grace Slick from Jefferson Airplane. Demitro can really hold it down on guitar which showed through her many solos. To match the grungy  guitar riffs and solos, Noah Shomberg — a stand in drummer — hammered away like his life depended on it.


Towards the end of the set the group played a song called “One Sided Love.” For this one, the leading lady switched out guitars and played a melodic, almost folky tune with no percussion. This song lulled the crowd a bit — which was shattered when it instantly went into “Pieces to The Puzzle” and fried our minds.

“Troubles” was the song the band finished its set with, which really whipped the crowd into a fervor. It was an amazing, high energy end to a really fun set. The pair humbly thanked the audience and Larimer Lounge and left us all in a daze of distorted sonic euphoria. The Velveteers is an awesome Colorado two-piece to keep an eye on.