Los Angeles and New York are no longer the only places musicians go to make a name for themselves. With young talent and young fans moving to this city every day, Denver has become nothing short of a music hub for the country. With this, we decided to make a playlist for you to explore and recognize what amazing talent is walking our streets today. As you would expect, every genre is represented, varying from the epic dance drops from artists like SteLouse, to the homegrown folk feels of Elephant Revival. Spreading even wider out of Denver’s comfort zone, the playlist has the rap-singing fusion of Turner Jackson to the in your-face-funk of The Motet.

We tried to keep the artists “small” relatively speaking, with none of them having more that 1 million Spotify followers. Majorly successful names Illenium and Nathaniel Rateliff barely made the list with 900,000 followers, but you wont see world-wide stars like The Fray and The Lumineers. If you’re someone that can’t seem to listen to all genres of music back-t0-back, use the playlist as a way to discover new and local artists based on your tastes, and go out and support them. Don’t forget to follow 303 Magazine on Spotify here.