They say that every woman should try a pixie cut at least once in her lifetime. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Emma Watson described the experience of chopping off their long locks as freeing and empowering.

If you’re still not convinced, chew on this: If a pixie cut is defined as a short hairstyle cut above the ears, then every single man has had, and pulled off, a pixie cut. I’m just saying, ladies, if the men can rock it, then so can we. But I am not without sympathy for your fears.

Jennifer Olivas, stylist at Post Hair Company, gave us all of the vital information to still all of our pounding hearts about the most badass of all the haircuts.






Can every woman really pull off a pixie cut?

Jennifer Olivas: Just about every face shape can pull it off, but every face shape is going to be very different. A long face is going to need more body on top, but a tiny face like Victoria Beckham’s can handle the teeny-tiny cut.

Do you need to set up a consultation with your stylist beforehand?

JO: Absolutely. Come in for a consultation. Go through Pinterest and magazines to find what’s right for you. Schedule fifteen minutes to come in, meet with somebody, and talk about all of your options before you make the big cut.

What’s the upkeep really like?

JO: It’s quite a bit more than what people think. It requires maintaining the cut every five weeks at least. You also have to up your product usage to keep playfulness and texture.



What mental preparation is necessary before making such a drastic change?

JO: It’s a shock. You will not get home and be super in love with it right away. It’s a huge shock. Up your makeup. Up your accessories. It’ll help to keep you feeling more feminine, which is especially helpful for women who are afraid of looking like a boy.

So why do so many people recommend women trying a pixie?

JO: I think it’s a really good thing to see that femininity is not tied to long hair. Some women like themselves more with short hair. It’s not as though men will only like you with long hair. It’s a very good thing to find confidence in yourself, and to dump the security blanket of long hair.