Spring is here and while it’s great to get in shape for the pool or to show off your spring wardrobe, it’s also the best time to improve your sex life. After all, we’re still mammals and the whole birds-and-bees thing affects us too.

One of the sexiest exercises you can do is yoga – you look great doing it, feel better about yourself, work out some key muscles and best of all, it’s adaptable. You can start up as a beginner trying to get used to a workout routine or bust some seriously crazy moves as a professional.

Here are ten yoga poses to revitalize your sex life, improve your confidence and increase your flexibility no matter what your yogi level is, so you can be more adventurous in the bedroom.

1. Cat/Cow Pose

This is an easy one to start out with while warming up your yoga routine or something you can do quickly to limber up before heading to the bedroom. Simply get down on your hands and knees with your back straight, then go back and forth between arching your back up as high as you can (cat) and sticking your rear out with your back curved way in (cow). Not only does this pose feel great and really limber you up, especially your back, it is especially great for women as it tightens the Kegel muscles, which are the same ones that expand and contract during a sexual climax. Not to mention, the move looks super sexy and is bound to improve your confidence if you do it in front of a mirror or your partner.

2. Bound Angle

Bound angle pose is another quick and easy stretch that can be done right before sex or anytime during a warmup or yoga session. For this pose, put your feet together with your knees out butterfly-style and bring them as close in to your body as possible. Lean forward and grab your feet as you look down. Hold for a few breaths or as long as is comfortable for your practice. This one is great because it stretches the hips and opens up the groin muscles, improving flexibility and motion in that area.


3. Bridge

This is another great one to open up the hips and it can also help ease tension throughout your body. Only your shoulders and feet should be on the ground and your hips should be up in the air. Bridge pose is another amazing yoga position that can help to build confidence and stretch out the groin area.

4. Shoulder Stand

This pose is a little trickier, so work your way into it, and try it up against a wall if you are first starting out. The goal is to lift up your legs and back, supporting your weight with your hands under your back and leaving your head and shoulders on the ground. This pose helps increase blood flow, which will give you more energy to get intimate later on. Also, you’ll be looking at your hips which will subconsciously call sexual thoughts to mind and being able to master a pose that is slightly trickier will help you feel good about yourself, thus getting you even more in the mood.

5. Pigeon Pose

This is another great stretch for the hips. For this pose you simply lie flat on your stomach with your head resting on your hands, but bring one leg up underneath you and bend the knee, so that you are resting on top of your leg. Then switch sides to get an even workout. As long as you feel comfortable with it, this one is nice to hold for a while and really breathe and relax into. In addition to the deep hip stretch, you get the added benefit of relaxing and pondering whatever sexy thoughts enter your mind.

6. Downward Facing Dog

In the context of sex, this one certainly conjures up some images – but jokes aside, this pose is pretty much the cornerstone of yoga and one of the best ways to feel empowered while also getting the best stretch. Simply lie on your stomach and lift yourself off of the ground with your feet and hands still on the floor. Try and make a perfect triangle out of your body and see if you can put your feet flat on the floor, or as low as they can go while still being comfortable and safe. This pose is amazing for stretching out any tension in your back and neck that could be keeping you from enjoying sex or giving it your best, and is really an awesome stretch for the whole body. Plus, it makes you feel super empowered and strong and calls your mental attention to your crotch and hips.


7. Eagle Pose

Mose of these sexy yoga poses involve being on all fours, but this one changes it up a little. Basically, the idea here is to be standing on one leg with the other wrapped around it and then entwine your arms in front of your face in the same fashion, almost as though you are ringing yourself out. Advanced yogis may end up looking all wrapped up while newer practitioners can’t wrap their legs and arms as far around, but that’s OK. What matters is the motion in your arms and legs and fact that this pose gets blood flowing to your groin area to help you feel more sexual and empowered.

Photo Courtesy Visual Voice/ Bryan Lopez

Photo Courtesy Visual Voice/ Bryan Lopez

8. Cobra Pose

This shoulder opener is perfect for getting rid of nasty neck tension and stretching your back to improve flexibility. Start lying face down on your stomach and then, coming up onto the palms of your hands, lift your groin and torso off the floor and look up. This pose feels especially amazing after being stuck at a computer all day, and can help you feel confident and sexy – instead of slumping over, you are sticking out your chest, which depending on your gender identity, is either a chance to showcase your breasts and remind yourself of your own sexuality, or stick out your chest and feel tough and powerful.

9. Happy Baby

The king of all hip openers, this pose is literally all about pulling your legs open and stretching your hips with everything else completely relaxed. Lie on your back and grab your feet, pulling your legs out to the side to open your thighs and hips. You should only feel the stretch there, while all other parts of your body relax. This is clearly great for stretching the key muscles involved in sex and making yourself more comfortable in a vulnerable position.


10. Savasana

Savasana is the classic relaxation pose that works as a great wind-down after every workout. Just lie on your back with your eyes closed, palms facing up, and clear your mind as though meditating, trying to keep your thoughts clear for at least a few minutes while you relax. While this doesn’t work out any physical muscles, one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of many modern sex lives is how much is going on all the time – both partners are probably thinking about work, school, deadlines, social gatherings, and who knows what else. Being able to clear your mind before intimacy can bring a level of focus that most people in this technology driven age only dream about and could be the icing on the cake for this sexy workout.

By Addison Herron-Wheeler

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