With March officially upon us and a spring thaw beginning to set in (for now),  303 Magazine would like to invite you to break out of your winter shell and set off on an adventure. Around the World in 180 Minutes —  in partnership with ImbibeCalico International Center and Metropolitan State University — will be a culinary odyssey through the multi-cultural landscape of Denver’s food scene. Taking place on March 12 at the historic Turnhalle at the Tivoli, this international food & booze festival will host a plethora of Denver’s most enticing ethnocentric eateries for a parade of food and drink from many different cultures.

With eight restaurants and 11 cultures represented (and counting), 303 put together a guide to this celebration so epicurean event-goers can visually sample all that this affair has to offer. If we’ve peaked your interest, don’t forget to purchase a ticket here.

The Booze

Japanese Whisky

Japanese whisky denver, Old Major Japanese Whiskey Photography by Camille Breslin-7

Photography by Camille Breslin

Revered as one of the finest whisky’s in the world, Japanese whiskies have unique scotch-like attributes. The main flavor profiles are usually defined by a robust smokiness that is rounded out by a velvety finish.  Suntory will be the main brand highlighted, which is good news since it is one of the oldest and most renowned distilleries in Japan. Want to know more? Read our guide on the best places to drink Japanese whisky in Denver before experiencing this fine libation at Around the World. 

American Bourbon 

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Photo by Roman Tafoya

Ah bourbon, the one true American spirit. Bourbon, which originated in pre-revolutionary war America and must be produced in the US to be legally considered authentic, is perfect for any patriotic attendees. At ATW, it’ll be served in cocktail form via a traditional Old Fashioned cocktail. This tried-and-true drink will not only consist of its regular ingredients: sugar, water, bourbon and Angostura bitters but will feature another American classic, Jim Beam, making for a truly all-american beverage.

Dutch Kopstootje

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Photo by Romeo Fernandez

Shots have never exactly exuded class. However when mixed with a little bit of culture, it’s easy to feel slightly more cosmopolitan while slamming shooters. The Dutch communal drinking tradition called Kopstootje or “little head butt,”originated in Amsterdam. It’ll kick you a bit of an instant kick as it is made with chilled Bols Genever and then is washed down with a short beer back. Just throw one back and say, “Proost!” (Dutch for cheers.)

German Inspired Beer

Oktoberfest in Denver. The festival is one of many affects of German beer culture. Photo by Glenn Ross

Oktoberfest in Denver. The festival is one of many affects of German beer culture. Photo by Glenn Ross

At ATW, traditional German beer will be served with a side of Colorado history. The recently revived Tivoli Brewing Co. — which shares the same name and space as the event — will pour its original recipes that hail from the 1860s. Come experience the combination of craft beer brewing and CO heritage inside the place where it all began.

Italian & South American Wines

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 1.46.39 PM

Photo by Delmy Gooch

As the holiest beverage throughout history (Jesus did turn water into wine), we declare wine the almightiest of spirits. And while we can’t guarantee that it’ll deter you from any sacrilegious behavior, we do know it’s blasphemy to celebrate booze without paying homage to this o.g. juice. So in its honor, ATW will serve up a variety of styles from two essential yet contrasting regions : Italy and South America.

The Food


Photo courtesy of DiFranco's Facebook Page

Photo courtesy of DiFranco’s Facebook Page

Who: Difranco’s, an award wining quick-casual Italian eatery known for fresh and authentic Italian fare.

What: Typical offerings include everything from quinoa salads, chicken parm subs all the way up to gnocchi made with local potatoes, Colorado braised beef shoulder, beef jus, fresh oregano and pecorino. At ATW Difranco’s will serve its famous mini meatballs in a delicious red sauce with fresh mozzarella and basil.

The Corner Office

Photo courtesy of The Corner Office

Photo courtesy of The Corner Office

Who: The Corner Office, a globally inspired martini bar that dishes out a multitude of eclectic plates. 

What: Corner Office’s regular menu serves up everything from Korean pancakes to Hungarian flatbread known as langos. During ATW it will offer a take on Spanish duck banderillas — a roasted duck breast dish served with house made bacon and an apricot praline. 



Photo courtesy of Range Denver

Photo courtesy of Range Denver

Who: Range, a recently opened new American restaurant with a western flare set in the heart of downtown’s Renaissance hotel.

What: With a large, all-encompassing menu, Range delivers a diversity of items such as bison short ribs, heirloom squash tortellini and even several inventive flatbreads. At ATW, Range will provide Berkshire pork belly with apple serrano slaw, toasted peanuts, cilantro and red eye BBQ glaze.

1515 Restaurant

Photo courtesy of 1515 Restaurant's Facebook page

Photo courtesy of 1515 Restaurant’s Facebook page

Who: 1515 Restaurant, another new American restaurant offering contemporary dishes in a lounge-like atmosphere. 

What: 1515 is known for its multi-course tasting menus that feature dishes such as Grilled Elk Steaks served with sweet potatoes and roasted Brussel sprouts. During ATW 1515 will serve a Tatonka BBQ with bison short rib, white corn and “last of the season” squash polentina, black bean and red pepper lacquer. 

Maria Empanada

Photo courtesy of Maria Empanda's Facebook

Photo courtesy of Maria Empanda’s Facebook

Who: Maria Empanada, a quaint quick-casual, family-owned Argentinian restaurant that specializes in empanadas.

What: Although its namesake is a dead giveaway, Maria Empanda serves more than this flaky meat filled pastry. Its menu offers everything from spicy tartas to comforting quiche-like tortillas as well as many different sweets like the delicate yet decadent alfajores. For ATW, the offerings are still to be decided although come expecting at least one rendition of its classic empanadas.

Adelitas Denver Cocina & Cantina

Photo courtesy of Adelita's Facebook Page

Photo courtesy of Adelita’s Facebook Page

Who: Adelitas Denver Cocina & Cantina, a festive Mexican restaurant serving up traditional south-of-the-border fare.

What: Adelitas is known for its classic Mexican food with a menu filled with comforting dishes like sopa de tortillas, tamales, and fajitas. Be prepared to taste some of these traditional takes at  Around The World.

Little India

Photo courtesy of Little India's Facebook

Photo courtesy of Little India’s Facebook

Who: Little India, a legendary Denver restaurant that is known for authentic Indian food.

What: Little India cooks up quintessential Indian Dishes like curry, momo, and even Indian Desserts like kulfi. At ATW the menu is also TBD but make sure to come with a craving for curry.

John Holly’s Asian Bistro

Photo courtesy of John Holly's Asian Bistro

Photo courtesy of John Holly’s Asian Bistro

Who: John Holly’s Asian Bistro, a pan-asian restaurant that specializes in fresh renditions of Chinese classics and signature plates as well as sushi. 

What: While there are an array of dishes that are cooked up, and reeled in at John Holly’s Asian Bistro some of its signature dishes are tempura, peking duck, and even Thai Honey pork. So whether you’re looking for some hot and spicy thai food, classic Chinese, or a Japanese sushi roll, you can expect to taste a little bit of Asia at Around The World.

Words by Jasmine Fox-Suliaman and Brittany Werges