The term fashion, defined as “a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior,” is a word that has come to have multiple meanings outside the likes of Fashion Week and what we see in the tabloids. These days, “fashion faux pas” have become just as popular, allowing people to shy away from what is considered  “fashionable,” and focusing more on finding comfort and creativity in a variety of pieces that have no chance of being so last season. However, if you prescribe to the phenomenon known as Normcore, we’re on a different level.

One of the greatest things about living in Colorado is the plethora of unique styles that can only be seen this side of the Rocky Mountains. Whether you’re a “yogi” or just really pumped to have people ask you “So what’s it like to have legal weed?” you don’t have to go far to find looks that should probably be in Urban Dictionary under: “do these 100% organic cotton sweatpants come in Aspen Tree green?” You’ve seen them, you’re friends with them, and more likely than not, you’re one of them. Below are a list of some of our favorite Colorado fashion faux pas that we love to not leave at home.

Colorado Fashion Faux Pas

1. Leggings as pants


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Trading in your uncomfortable jeans for a pair of spandex is easy to do, especially when you spend most of your time on a bike or working out. We might be able to tell the brand of thong you’re wearing but hey, pants are the enemy. Life outside the confines of a need-to-lay-down-on-the-bed-to-button-up pair-of-jeans is glorious and can leave anyone feeling a no-pants party everyday. Just make sure you’re ready to accept that you’re leaving nothing to the imagination from your waist down.

2. Head to Toe North Face/Patagonia


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Working hard or hardly working out? Your outfit costs more than that 1K bike you never ride but you’re always ready for the next 14er. You understand the need to invest and always make sure to have the right pieces on deck for any occasion. Whether you’re going for a hike, running around Wash Park or planning your next jog to the liquor store, your attire is always on-point and probably waterproof.

3. UGGs With Skirts


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We’re not sure if you got dressed in January or July but either way, you’re ready for both a snowstorm and a summer concert. You spice it up with a little sparkle or girly tights but your comfy-meets-cozy look may be in serious need of a real shoe intervention. It’s easy to justify wearing these with sweats but the combination of a mid-length skirt and sheepskin shoes will leave anyone feeling only half out of bed.

4. Socks And Crocs


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Similar to UGGs, this serious sock plus shoe combo can be seen on the feet of the elderly but also on anyone who seeks to find the easy way out of  not wearing real shoes. There aren’t enough plastic shoes in the world to make this look ready for the day but you can’t deny the dedication that goes into it. It’s practical, it keeps your feet from sweating and most importantly, it makes you match your socks on a regular basis.

5. Bro Clothes


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Often seen downtown on a Saturday night buying a round of Fireball shots, the lazy Colorado bro attire is everyone’s favorite “still in college” wardrobe. Colorado might be a super chill place to hang but that snap-back and bro tank peaked back with your beer funneling skills. Just like hangovers, this look only gets worse with age.

6. Marijuana Everything

Uruguay Marijuana

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The wake and bake look includes anything from tie-dye to still totally wearing PJs. It can easily be spotted on anyone who knows the real Colorado state flower but also those waiting in line for the Grateful Dead cover band down the street. Marijuana might be legal, but wearing a shirt to an interview with a pot leaf where a collar should be doesn’t fly no matter how high you are.

7. Crochet


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If this is you, then we know that an Etsy store has probably stolen your identity more than once. You’re well-versed in the language of PayPal and normally find yourself waiting three extra weeks for your hand-knitted sweater to make it through customs. People compliment your wardrobe regularly but roll their eyes when you explain it’s not from H&M or Nordstrom Rack.

We love to be comfortable and live in an ever-growing state where the weather and the people are always changing. Whether you intend to hike every mountain and glacier around or just want to stay warm in the city, the street style is always one step away from being too comfy to hang and that’s why we love it.