Colorado weather is everyone’s favorite fickle friend. You know, that one that seems really interested in making Friday night plans but will just as soon call an “I have to catch up on Game of Thrones” or “I accidentally got too drunk at Happy Hour,” type of hard bail. You’ve been friends with them as long as you can remember but you still find yourself surprised nonetheless. This week in the wake of our most unpredictable friend we like to call Colorado weather, we are all finding ourselves ankle deep in snow with a chance of 50 degrees always on the horizon.

Having the right gear to live in a state where the temperature can drop at any given moment is not only a good investment but very necessary for survival if you have any intention of being outside for an extended period of time. Parkas, gloves and long johns are a few that most have stored in their dresser for such days but that’s not to say you can’t still stay fashionable.

It’s easy to stay warm and comfortable in your favorite pair of pants all winter but for those few who live their life in dresses and skirts, here are a few tricks to keep your style going all year round.

Where there’s wool, there’s a way.


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Keep the warmth going from your toes up and make sure you invest in a few good pairs of socks. Smartwool, Woolrich and pretty much every pair of ski socks you own are all safe bets. The beauty of wool is they make any normal boot ready for colder weather (ice and serious snow are a different story) but will keep your stylish feet warm all day.

Tights on Fleece


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Tights will make any anti-pant wearer warmer instantly but takes on a whole new meaning in place of pants in the winter. Anything fleece is your best friend this time of the year but the addition of cozy tights, layered with your favorite dress, will make any chilly day that much better.

Opt for a classic part in black or gray so that it can be worn with pretty much anything in your closet. However, if you’re not much into tights, leggings also do the trick just as easily. These are great in any closet as they work in place of pants with an extra long sweater or shirt.

Invest in vests


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You can stock up on as many long sleeve shirts and sweaters as possible but one of the easiest ways to keep it classy and still stay bundled are with vests. They can range from fur to fleece but no matter what the bundle, this extra layer will go a long way with any outfit.

I’m sorry, cardigan?

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It’s important to become good friends with your cardigans at a very early stage of winter. However, try to stay away from the sheer and light weight options unless you plan on layering these multiple times. Different types of wool as well as materials like acrylic, cotton and cashmere look great and do the job without looking frumpy.

Get down with down (jackets)


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The best thing any person who plans to live a normal life in a colder climate is investing in a good jacket. There are a variety of styles that are still flattering and fashionable. The one thing to keep in mind when making such a decision is making sure you can layer it and that you feel comfortable wearing it everyday.

It’s important to still be able to enjoy the beauty that is Colorado weather but make sure to do it right with the correct (and still fashionable) gear. You can still look fashionable but planning a day out in the cold comes with care that even the most well-dressed must follow. Pants will keep you warm but if you’re looking to explore your dress and skirt collection this time of year, keep these in mind when walking out your door in the morning.