Rap Power Hour is back again and this one is a doozy. This week’s column features tons of new rap and lots of dope stuff that you may or may not have heard yet. We’ve expanded Rap Power Hour to not only include MC’s from Denver but rappers from all over who release dope material.

We take a critical look at some of these songs this week. There are a few we obviously love like Hustle Man’s release for “The Border,” and Pries’ track “Shake,” and a few we just can’t decide on. Regardless, this joint is packed to the gills full of rap styles and you should get into it. In no particular order, Rap Power Hour is live and direct.

Pries is always a fan favorite and the video for “Shake” which dropped about two weeks ago is just excellent. The hook, verses and delivery are top notch This is applause worthy. Watch below and also, be sure to check for the MC’s latest released track, “Thugga.”

Hustle Man did the damn thing with “The Border.” The song is perfect for the political dynamic in this country but don’t get it twisted, he’s talking about the truth like you’ve never heard it. Also, he’s the connect and it comes straight from The Border. Watch below.

Eazy Monii is a rapper from Atlanta and his song submission “Silky Johnson” has a subdued beat and repetitive lyrics. It’s not the best single but it is definitely catchy. There’s a video to go with it but it mostly consists of Eazy bouncing around the city. Listen below:

Lujan Official sent over this joint featuring AGE called “Ready” and it’s definitely a track for the ladies. Slowed down and with a solid hook, the lyrics don’t necessarily match the hook’s appeal but this is one of the stronger submissions we’ve seen from this crew.

Gnosis is an MC who was described as “different” in the email containing his submission. The video for “If” is a bit longer than necessary but the song is tight. He muses about being so alive and dead at the same time. I love a good juxtaposition.  Watch below.

Lyke No Otha is issuing a challenge to all opponents with his track “Battle Me.” His flow and lyrics are dope but the production on this one holds him back. It’s clear the MC has skills, though so you’d want him on your winning team, no doubt. Listen below.

Face is new to the rap roundup bunch and his submission “New Muzik” finds the rapper incredibly determined as he says he is starving for success. The texture of his voice is excellent. The first verse isn’t as impressive as the second verse but the second verse is extra dope with its double-time flow. Listen below.

Tony Zones and Rook Purp sent over “Say What’s Up” and I really dig this joint. The verses are laid back and meant to be heard through a haze of smoke. This is one of the better submission and after you take a listen, you’ll agree with their mantra that “it’s brilliant.”

Jay Mizz doesn’t look like a rapper, per se. He’s got a bit of a kind face and fresh persona, not gritty and annoyed like most rappers are conditioned to be. The video for “Apply Pressure” has a bit of a rambling storyline and plot but it’s set in a bayou and the song is excellent. Watch below.

Ray Reed is the champion and most of us know that. His track “So Positive” is flipped in an interesting way. This is how you make a dollar out of fifteen cents. These rhymes are healthy. Mighty, mighty healthy.  You should never expect Ray Reed to be mediocre, though. And that’s the truth. Listen below.

Ok, first of all, we like Six O’Clock over here. His rhymes are always representing for the boom bap enthusiast but his videos don’t always catch fire. No matter, he’s back with “Ur America” where he takes you on a trip back through time that explains the ills of society in a fun and cheeky manner.  Watch below.

AGE is back in the roundup with “Where Did You Go?” a touching tribute to his grandfather. This is the best explanation for how music can heal. We hear the hurt and pain in his voice and it’s refreshing to hear a rapper get vulnerable by any means necessary. Listen below.

Inkline’s been gone for a minute but now he’s back with a new collaboration with John McNaughton called Nerves Baddington. “Run It” has the best production in the roundup this week and Inkline’s raps are as stellar as ever. Listen below.

Rebel Minority released “Colorful Abyss” and we’ve got the title track to feature this week. The raps are just as dark as ever (they’ll kill you with a whisper) and this song is meant to “intimidate those who act like bitches.” Strap on your seatbelt and listen below.

JRebelz is dope all the way around. Her submission “RIP” lays to rest who she used to be and pays tribute to those who have gone on. She raps about the prison industrial complex in the same breath as she laments the need to get out the hood and it’s perfect. Listen below.

Mr. Deuces’ track submission is way trippy. It’s called “Blacklight” and, to me, sounds like what having sex on mushrooms feels like. Or, what it might be like to give a dude road head while he drives 180 down the highway. Be careful with this one, kids. Listen below.

LKeys, as per usual, is one of the coolest cats in the bunch. His track “Wit It Tonight” might have you questioning if it’s cool to leave your girl with him. He promises to “hit it right” and if you can listen to this whole track without blushing, you’re the real MVP. Listen below.

I like to consider myself a hip-hop anthropologist but Url Gravy is the real deal in the flesh. His rhymes come so naturally and he knows more than you about rap music. Check him out at Cold Crush each Tuesday for hip-hop trivia. In the meantime, listen to his track “Incantation” which is such a beautiful way to explain how words change a situation with tons of witchy references to boot. Listen below.

Awkward Mike, Buggz and Leona Harper have the most soulful submission this week. Their track “See Through Me” is poetic and rough, gorgeous and scarred at the same time. Don’t believe for one second that these cats are the underdog, though. They play the game with rules they’ve written and it’s brilliant. Watch below.

C.Mays is one of my favorite Rap Power Hour hitters. He’s always got dope tracks and clever verses. This joint “State Lines” features 5280 Mystic and the two of them talk about moving that dope, obviously. Saying they’ve got a trunk full of “Katy Perry,” there’s no reason not to believe these two dope boys. Listen below.

Usually I don’t like a lot of dancing in my rap videos but Koo Qua is an excellent MC in the town, male or female. She rocks out to “KYCK” (Koolest Chick You Know) with a vengeance. There’s more dancing than rapping, but again, you gotta let this one ride out. Watch below.

William Felton is such a charming MC. His voice is my favorite in the city and his raps tend to be intricate and authentic. “Mr. Jetson” finds the MC talking about medicating the pain and a variety of other subjects. Trust me, it’s great. Listen below.