You don’t have to be a yoga Jedi to practice corpse pose. You can do it in your bed. You can do it on your living room floor. And you can do it with grass. Still, corpse pose never feels better than when it follows an aerobic yoga class. And classes don’t get much more heart rate-boosting than Justin Kaliszewski’s Outlaw Yoga variety.

Friday 10/31 @ Kindness Yoga S. Broadway

Friday 10/31 @ Kindness Yoga S. Broadway

Halloween isn’t usually associated with yoga, but Outlaw Yoga isn’t your typical practice. The obsession with death that accompanies October 31 only happens once a year. Outlaw’s tattooed skull-incorporating logo alludes to final resting pose all 365. Kaliszewski is pairing the two seemingly disparate subjects this year with a donation-based live music class featuring KenK and The Criminals. While costumes are optional, what yogi in his or her right mind would miss a chance to get decked out as a favorite yoga pose? Enjoy Dolphin Pose? Be an aquatic hedonist. Dig Pigeon? Come as a feathered rat. Down with Downward Dog? Don doggy style. Outlaw swag is up for grabs. promises additional prizes.

“Halloween gives us all a pass to play dress up, to step outside of our narrow conceptions of who we are and to play – for a day – at who we might be…a fairy, a hero or a villain,” muses Kaliszewski. “On Halloween, anything goes. As far as my proclivities outside of that…you’d have to buy me a few beers to hear those stories. I will say this, if it challenges me and opens a window to something new, then, generally speaking, I’m into it.”

Playing dress up keeps you young. Outlaw Yoga’s live music Halloween class thrills the South Broadway location of Kindness Yoga (1946 S. Broadway) on Friday, October 31. For further information, or

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