Every year Halloween rolls around and as we get older, it gets harder and harder to justify spending money on a Halloween costume. It doesn’t seem practical to spend money on something you’ll wear just once a year and get rid of as soon as the holiday is over.

Well here at 303 Magazine, we want to make sure you’re getting more bang for your buck. This year search for pieces you can incorporate into your daily wardrobe that can function for dates, work and fun. This will save you the stress of having to clear away last year’s Halloween costume.

5 Halloween Costumes You Can Wear Year-Round

Vamp to Work

Vamp 1vamp 2










Take this dark look to work with just a few easy modifications. Our before look features a very dark style with fun accessories such as bat skull earrings, lace gloves, and feathered heels. Imagine this look with a full face of dark makeup, fangs and blood for a complete vampire look. But easily wear this look to work by switching out the corset for a black silk blouse and more appropriate shoes. The jewelry adds a fun punch of personality that you can wear year round.

Egyptian Gold

chleo 1 chleo 2










Gold is a hue you can wear year round and, oh boy, did the Egyptians get it right. Cleopatra is a timeless figure we see every Halloween, so why not take this opportunity to add a gold skirt to your closet? This piece will work well with black for a day or night look. You can even add on the Egyptian-inspired earrings for a fun flare. Another plus: you can keep the golden sandals and break them out next spring.

 Flapper Gal

f1 f2

The flapper is another popular costume we see every year. Girls come out in fringed dresses ready to party but are unaware they can adapt this costume for a good night out. Look for a two-piece set rather than a full dress and this will allow for more versatility with your garments. You can dress up the flapper style skirt for fancier occasion and pair it with your pearls. Or throw a crop top and leather jacket over the fringe skirt for a night out on the town.

Basic Witch to Bad Bitch

w1 w2










If there has ever been a more timeless costume, it would be the basic witch. All you need to do is wear black head to toe, prop a pointed hat on your head, and grab a broom for good mesaure. Take this excuse to add some good black basics to your closet such as a frilly blouse and skirt. Pair it with knee-high boots and lace gloves for that wicked feel. For the after look, add that much needed punch of color. You can do a bright shoe or fun bag that will really pump up the look.

Greek Goddess

greek 1 Greek 2


The Greeks have always been known for their easy, laid back lifestyle. Emulate this look in in your Halloween costume through a draped top and skirt in a bright white. Every girl should have some gold accessories they can add to the look as well as gold or brown sandals. You can easily take this look to the office by switching out the blouse for a button-up and throwing on a black blazer. Grab your work bag and you’re out the door.


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