CAMOUFLAGE_KA_onesheet_MECH.indd“You can change the world…”

A line that drives the main character of the film (Camouflage), Austin Griffin, down a path of no return, as this psychological, mind-bending thriller sheds light on a variety of topics that are often swept under the rug when it comes to the entertainment industry — homophobia, gun violence / control, domestic mental and physical abuse, and school violence, including bullying.

Tragedies, similar to the one depicted in Camouflage, have forever changed our school systems, our societies, and our way of life, and are often kept quiet due to the controversial depictions that come from such horrific events.

But it’s films like Camouflage that help bring topics to the forefront of the conversation through educated discussions, reminding, not blinding, us from the fact that these real events have real consequences. And if we continue not speaking about them, not discerning the real issues and coming up with solutions that may help prevent such catastrophes, then who’s to say things won’t continue to worsen.

With a driven cast, an alluring soundtrack, and a storyline that drives directly into the heart of the audience, Camouflage vanquishes the preconceived audience limitations that are often in place, in regards to low-budget, independent films. Take a step back and watch the film for the true message that is being driven home … An important message that is often overlooked in your blockbuster, commercial films.

Kyle T. Cowan: “I just hope everyone who watches the movie will help to spread the word about the project. From the beginning, this project has been about the message, the social issues, and making an impact. It has never been about the money.”

303 Magazine has the exclusive privilege of releasing the fifth and final teaser clip.

And as you may already know, 303 Magazine also had an advance release of the world premiere trailer for the film at the beginning of this year, as well as an exclusive interview with the director / writer / and lead in the film, Kyle T. Cowan, discussing more on the symbolic and controversial nature that audiences will witness on screen. Be sure to check out both of those to delve deeper into what Camouflage really means and what it stands for, before the film’s official release.


Without further ado, here is the final teaser for Camouflage, due out November 25th

*Viewer discretion is advised

The film will officially be released on Vimeo (Nov. 25th) via the following link, so make sure to watch:

Camouflage cast:

Kyle T. Cowan … Austin

Amrita Acharia … Amira

Lew Temple … Nolan

Adriana Marie … Samar

Drew Van Acker … Tim

Jimmy Bennett … Kevin


You can find the first four teaser clips for the film, below:

Teaser #1

Teaser #2

Teaser #3

Teaser #4



Written by Samuel Lang of 303 Magazine.

All video clips courtesy of Project Studios 505 and Camouflage.