Primping for a cozy weekend getaway or the fabulous 303 White Party? When you need your skin to be red carpet ready you need a skincare brush to do your dirty work.

Fighting wrinkles and revealing a youthful glow, facial brushes should be a staple in your beauty toolbox.

Clarisonic Facial Brushes are made for the best skin care results. photo

Clarisonic Facial Brushes are made to give you the best skin care results. photo

What do they do?

Skincare or facial brushes are brilliant exfoliators. These little beauties can be used on your face and neck, removing the top layer of skin and dead skin to help improve skin tone and overall complexion. They also help to remove environmental factors and grime from your skin and pores.

Beyond leaving your skin refreshed, facial brushes are the most natural and inexpensive way to promote anti-aging and improve skin health. In this beauty gurus’ opinion, facial brushes are far better than anti-aging creams. Anti-aging creams can contain unnatural elements and chemicals that can harm your skin. While the circulation of a skincare brush, like a Clarisonic or the handheld version, stimulate the circulation in your skins cells.

Handheld Brushes photo

Handheld Brushes photo

The result?

Firmer, softer and healthier skin.

Beauty Tip: If you experience a breakout after using a facial brush, don’t panic. This can occur as your skin gets use to the exfoliation of excess dead skin cells.


Too much of a good thing?

Facial brushes can leave your skin feeling freshly buffed and beautiful. Don’t forget, there can be too much of a good thing. Used too frequently, facial brushes can lead to harmful effects like breakouts, red bumps and skin damage. After many months of trial and error, I have discovered my perfect balance. I use my skincare brush once a week and wash it every single time I use it. Do not reach for your facial brush to remove everyday makeup. Facial brushes should not be used often but should be cleaned very often. And just to be safe, your facial brush should be just for you.

How to use:

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  • Wet your face with water.
  • Layer on skin cleanser to the bristles of the brush. Avoid cleansers that contain exfoliates or exfoliator beads.
  • Bring the brush to your face and work around the skin in soft circles.
  • Rinse your face, pat face dry.
  • Clean, clean, clean your facial brush, and leave in a dry place free of bacteria.


Exfoliating, rejuvenating and cleansing are a few of the amazing benefits from facial brushes.  Facial brushes keep your skin healthy. There are many options for brushes in the market. The top of the line skincare brush comes from Clarisonic.  There are also budget friendly versions from Olay or Neutrogena. Even more inexpensive, handheld brushes, that can be found online or at Ulta, Sepohra and Sally Beauty Supply.  They all create a gentle circular motion to stimulate circulation in your skins cells. Fighting wrinkles and revealing a youthful glow, facial brushes should be a staple in your beauty toolbox.