Photo taken from Reebok’s Official Instagram Account

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Presumably by now you have figured out if CrossFit would be ideal for you.  The tough workouts, the community inclusion, and the ability to get more prepared for functional areas of life all appeal to you.  You have enrolled in Foundations Classes at CrossFit Verve and you are about to show up for your first night, which can be an intimidating new experience.

So what is the next step?

Well like the anxiety you got on the first day each year of grade school, you want to make sure you look like the cool kids.  CrossFit fashion is a bit different than what you would see at globo-gyms.  The major difference is the predominant mainstream athletic brand is Reebok instead of Nike and Under Armour.  This is due to Reebox getting behind the “Sport of Fitness” at a very early stage and becoming the title sponsor of the CrossFit Games.  They even have CrossFit affiliate boxes around the world to further connect themselves with the sport.

Despite this fact, any gym fashionista knows that athletic brands don’t sway very much in cuts, fabrics, and offerings.  So what makes CrossFit fashion all that different than any other sport?  I will highlight a few below:

“The Sock Game” –  First, higher socks are also pieces of essential equipment to protect your shins from barbells during deadlifts and climbing ropes.  On any day during a WOD, you will see a variety of funky styles, colors, and sayings that usually match an athlete’s outfit and personality.  A favorite brand in CrossFit is called The Sox Box.  They have a large assortment of socks in both high and crew styles with saying about bacon to zombies and everywhere in between.  Check out their website and plug in code 303mag for 10% off your order until the end of September.


Photo taken from Reebok’s Official Instagram Account

“Shoes, Shoes, and more Shoes” –  Due to a variety of different programming, CrossFit gives you the chance to buy more gym shoes.  Who doesn’t love getting new shoes?  The most popular style is the Reebok Nano that is made for CrossFit.  This shoe is the Swiss Army knife of the sport because it has a harder sole, good for lifts, and lightweight, so you can be agile for jumps and movements.  The next style is Olympic lifting shoes.  Though not essential, these will help with a variety of Olympic lifts that are frequently programmed in CrossFit.  The final style is your lightweight running shoe which is great for WODs that are primarily metabolic conditioning based without technical lifts.

“Spandex Party” –  Yes it is true, CrossFit and spandex are the best of friends.  Pigs would be flying if you ever were at the CrossFit box and someone (mostly female) was not rocking spandex shorts or pants.  The one thing you will not see is the Under Armour spandex tops like at the globo-gyms.  My advice is to keep them at home boys and girls.

“Bro Life” – This is the best way to describe the overall fashion that you will see at a CrossFit box.  Bright colors, tank tops, shirts with sayings (when the males keep them on), and snap-back hats are what you are going to see.  But just to clarify, this bro life is not just for guys.


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