Summer is right around the corner and we’re finally free from the oppressive shackles of winter wear. What better way to celebrate than by attending this year’s 303 Magazine Pool Parties?

Named one of the country’s best by MAXIM magazine, this pool party series will take place on the second Sunday of each month and will feature multiple bars, live DJs, fashion shows and, of course, a lot of sexy people. With that said, you’ll want to be sure your pool gear is on lock — donning clothes that will fight the threat of perspiration while looking effortlessly fresh.

To assist with that objective, here are a few options for you to sport throughout the party series.


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I’m going to start with shoes because I’m confident they’re given the least amount of thought when guys dress for a pool party. You may think all you need is some sort of sandal or flip-flop, right? Wrong. Stick with a sneaker or a non-suede loafer.

I get it: It’s hot in the summer. But it’s even hotter in hell. And that’s exactly where you’re going if you roll up to the pool in a pair of mandals.

But if you’re stubborn and insist on wearing shoes that expose your toes, then at least swap out a rubber pair for a more grown-up leather variation.

Striped Trunks

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The spring craze of color-blocking will undoubtably spill into the summer. So if you’re looking for some pool gear that’s on trend this season, grab yourself a pair of colorful striped trunks. The wide range of color and style options allow any man to incorporate this piece into his summer wardrobe.

Solid Trunks

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You may be one of those guys who doesn’t like to purchase new swim trunks every year simply because you’re not a lifeguard and you’ll likely wear a pair only a handful of times during the summer. And it’s completely understandable. In these cases, I recommend for guys to keep it simple; a solid pair of classic drawstring shorts is a summertime staple, and if you take care of them well, you can wear them year to year.


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Let’s keep it 100 and address two of the biggest intentions of attending a pool party: to look at bodies and to show off yours. And going sleeveless allows you to do just that.

Whether you’re keeping it simple in a solid color or peacocking poolside in a bold print, a tank is a great way for you to flex your style muscles as well as your actual muscles. Just avoid those with shameless slogans like “DTF” or “Yolo.”

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  1. Josh Whitaker

    Are you kidding me? Those clothes are hideous! Why would anyone where gold-plated hightops to a pool party? Well, I guess it matches the T-Rex tank top!


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