No date this Friday? No problem! 303 Magazine wants to cheers the forever-aloners, the hit-it-and-quit-ers, the players and the wild ones who cant be tied down.

Here are ten reasons why being single on Valentine’s Day is awesome.

1. You don’t have to buy anyone a present.

Who needs the pressure? Save that money and get yourself something nice, like a pair of sweatpants or a DVD of The Notebook.

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2. Monogamy is overrated.

Despite common belief, monogamy might not actually be the healthiest option for relationships. Psychology Today found that this belief in monogamy as “better” is based in little to no real-life evidence. When the study questioned these long held beliefs, as well as those discriminatory beliefs towards single people (aka singlism), it found that non-monogamous people would be 30% more likely to practice safe sex. Plus, non-monogamous people are often open and honest about their “side” relationships. Monogamous people, however, had been found more likely to lie and cheat without protection. Serial monogamy is out, safe and responsible sex is in.

3. Epernay Lounge’s Singles Soiree.

Epernay Lounge is hosting it’s 4th Annual Singles Soiree. It’s like a date with 2000 other potentials instead of one lame person. You can dance, drink, have fun, let go and mostly celebrate the love of oneself. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet that special someone. But that would be a drag.

10 Reasons Why Being Single on Valentine’s Day is Awesome

4. It’s too commercial.

Valentine’s Day is what happens when capitalism wraps its slimy tentacles around love and squeezes the life out of it. Who needs a hundred different types of teddy bears and cheap boxes of chocolate to prove their love and admiration? Not me. Valentine’s Day is cliche. It’s for everyone else. If I had a boyfriend, we would celebrate Halloween on Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day on Dia de los Muertos.

5. Love yourself.

Take yourself out to dinner, buy yourself a beautiful necklace. Tuck yourself in at night and kiss yourself good morning. Codependency means that you define your worth and value on something external, on your significant other. No one will ever love you until you love yourself. And no heart-shaped box of chocolates will fill the hole in your heart.

10 Reasons Why Being Single on Valentine’s Day is Awesome

6. Jack Daniels is my Valentine.

(Insert Food Item or Alcohol Beverage here) is my Valentine. Ben and Jerry’s, Jose Cuervo, Jim Beam, whatever your love may be. Happy Valentine’s Day to my main man, the most reliable (in moderation) life of the party, sweet with hints of cinnamon – Jack Daniels.

10 Reasons Why Being Single on Valentine’s Day is Awesome

7.  No woman, no cry.

Bob Marley said it best. Allow your heart to fully heal before you rip open the wounds again. To be single is to heal.

8. Don’t buy into the single-shaming.

The whole concept of a day of the year devoted to love and couples is a competition. To me, it is the goal of the dominant ideology to make single people feel bad for themselves. Don’t buy it. No pity party. You are free, you have the world at your fingertips, you don’t have to explain where you’re going to anyone, you don’t have to fight, you don’ t have to pretend to care about an over commercialized holiday that’s sole purpose is to make you feel lonely. Hearts don’t break. They bruise and get better. We aren’t lonely, we are having a fabulous time.

10 Reasons Why Being Single on Valentine’s Day is Awesome

9. Once you settle down, it’s for life.

Carpe Diem. Yolo. You only get one shot at being a single twenty-something, don’t let it go to waste! Once you do find that special someone, then you have the rest of your lives to be monogamous. Your twenties are the time in your life when you’re supposed to be perfecting your game. Your true love will thank you later.

10. Single People don’t really need a reason.

Single is a beautiful thing, and sometimes lonely isn’t sad. Be happy that all your friends in relationships won’t be hanging around bumming everyone out.

10 Reasons Why Being Single on Valentine’s Day is Awesome