Concrete Canvas: Beautiful Street-Art in November

Saten Mural on 6th and Cherokee

It has been a gorgeous fall in Denver. That means new street-art late into the off season. As long as the sun is shining, and these amazing artists continue to paint, Concrete Canvas will show them love.

Here are some of my favorite new (and some old) spots this November in the Mile High City!

Berk Visual, Plaant, and 84 Pages new murals at Burrito Giant and The 2Up

Plaant, Berkvisual, and 84 Pages at Burrito Giant

This trio of local artists have been very busy lately. Only a few short weeks ago, they completed this insanely cool mural on the East and North facing walls of Highlands spot Burrito Giant at 38th and Utica. Each is a prestigious and celebrated artist in the local scene. I love their collaborative style of layered animation and bright, pop-off-the-wall color. It looks like a complex, Adventure Time-esque childrens show come to life.

Plaant, Berkvisual, and 84 Pages at Burrito Giant

On top of the Burrito Giant mural, Berk Visual, Plaant and 84 pages went to town on The 2Up on Colfax in between Washington and Emerson. It was part of a Sognar pre-party event that celebrated this brilliant live street-art as well as a mix-tape release for Shredded Beats (Nas). I love the piece and knew it was the work of Berk, Plaant and 84 pages because of the distinctive characters and chaotic yet precise detailing. Go to The 2Up, have a beer, and enjoy the local art.

Berkvisual, Plaant, and 84 Pages mural at The 2UP

Jaime Molina and the Cutty Up character in RiNo

Jaime Molina (aka Cutty Up) is an artist I love to feature on Concrete Canvas. He is one third of the badass artists trio “Palabros”. Molina along with Pedro Barrios and Joseph Martinez have their signatures all over the city. Check out their highly innovative Palabros wooden mural just down the street at the Broadway Triangle Art Wall here.

Cutty Up Character by Jaime Molina

Located on a very colorful stretch of alleyway and facing the Palabros New Belgium mural is a new Molina piece painted just last month. It adds life and accessibility to the collaborative wall, one with other Cutty Up characters dawning it. It is nearly to the end of the Larimer alleyway and serves as a perfect last chapter. Go experience this and many other pieces in person on Larimer between 24th, all the way to 37th. Molina has back stories for each of his playful, funny, tormented, dia-de-los-muertos-esque characters. The characters are in nearly every one of Molina and Palabros murals. Some are tatted up, some are animals personified. The great thing about Molina’s art is that it has individualized meaning to both him and to the passerby.

Cutty Up Character by Jaime Molina

Saten’s new & old portraits around Denver

You can walk by the same spot every day and never know there is a mural behind the building, in the alley, or around the corner. Saten’s work is hidden in town like artistic, visceral treasure. All you need is the right map.

Saten's older piece from this year at Habibi Cafe

Saten’s brilliant presence is no stranger to 303 Magazine. I’ve touched on his talent in the past, and am happy to shine the spotlight on some of his most creative pieces. The mural above is a gorgeous four-eyed, feminine portrait, one of two on the Habibi Hookah Cafe on South Broadway and East Colorado Avenue. I want people to know where these murals are at because it is worth the time to see them in person. There is no such thing as a secret spot. I believe street-art and sanctioned murals exist for the entire city to enjoy. No exceptions.

Saten Mural on 6th and CherokeeThe next two Saten portraits are found on the same wall on 6th and Cherokee in the Baker neighborhood. I am infatuated with the sexy sugar-skull theme in his work. I seem to constantly stumble upon his beautiful, unexpected, and surrealist portraits. Saten displays a versatile artistic talent that includes everything from women, famous characters, owls, and even his close friends. The last mural is brand new. It is a portrait of Saten’s friend Bobby simply because he was “looking cute” and it is hilarious. Enjoy!

Saten's friend Bobby looking all cute off of 6th and Cherokee

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