303 legs in poolTime to man up. It’s July, no more room to procrastinate. If you’re not happy with your reflection in your new, super-cute bikini or still feel a bit too soft to impress the ladies at your upcoming Slip ‘N Slide party, some action needs to be taken. Now.

This program can be done with minimal equipment and at your own pace. When striving for repetitions, there is no designated length of time in which to get it done. Ten at a time, five at a time, 50 per day, or 20 per day — it all adds up to the same effort (and usually lends to better form). Just get it done.

Are we ready?

  • Week one: Squat jumps, 250 repetitions. Alternating reverse lunges, 250 repetitions per side. Push-ups, 250 repetitions. Mountain climbers, 500 repetitions per side.                                                                                                              
  • 303 sweat guyWeek two: Plyometric skater jumps, 250 repetitions per side. Step-ups (onto bench or stair), 250 repetitions per side. Incline push-ups (using same bench or stair), 250 repetitions. Jumprope (or rope-less jumprope), 500 revolutions.
  • Week three: Squat to alternating front kicks, 250 repetitions per leg. Plyometric split squats, 250 repetitions per side. Prisoner good mornings, 250 repetitions. Burpees, 500 repetitions.
  • Week four: Squat jumps, 300 repetitions. Alternating reverse lunges, 300 repetitions per side. Push-ups, 300 repetitions. Mountain climbers, 750 repetitions per side.
  • Week five: Plyometric skater jumps, 300 repetitions per side. Step-ups, 300 repetitions per side. Incline push-ups, 300 repetitions. Jumprope, 750 revolutions.
  • Week six: Squat to alternating front kicks, 300 repetitions per leg. Plyometric split squats, 300 repetitions per side. Prisoner good mornings, 300 repetitions. Burpees, 750 repetitions.

Modify as needed. Know your strengths. Jumping hurts your knees? Stay on the ground and lift to your tiptoes instead. Squat jumps too easy? Hold onto a weight plate or dumbbell. There are so many ways to make this workout your own. To be clear, this program is not intended to replace your current exercise regimen. Keep doing what you’re doing and add this to it. By the end of six weeks, you will feel stronger, be stronger, and develop endurance like you’ve never had before.

I’ve mapped out your program here. All you need to do is break a sweat and keep track.

Be sure to rest when appropriate, drink sufficient water, listen to your body, and push yourself. Keep me posted on your progress.

Now, get to it.

PT-color-headshot-I3Jodilyn Stuart is the Health & Sports Senior Staff Writer for 303 Magazine, owner of ModaBody Fitness, and has been a professional fitness geek since 1997. If you have questions, feel free to email at: [email protected]