Beautiful skin – many inherit it, several covet it, but few hold the discernment to sustain and attain this commodity. External skin regimens can perpetuate a healthy epidermis and they can even subdue minor symptoms. But, enduring radiance emanates from within. Seizing statuesque skin is not always a simple conquest.166473115


The Basic’s

– Adequate Sleep (rested skin)

 -Nutrition (sugar/processed-food free skin)

-Water In-take (hydrated skin)


When these are not enough, you need a “solider” – a convoy to aid in the battle. It just so happens I know one of the hottest around.



ASTAXANTHIN – are carotenoid antioxidants or put simply an antioxidant similar to carotene, the fat-soluble pigment found in carrots. This free radical fighting soldier is equipped with ready artillery to efficiently combat various enemies to the skin.




-Wrinkles – especially around the eye region

-Improving suppleness & firmness of skin

-Diminishing age spots & freckles

-Aids in elimination of other hyperpigmentations

-Pigment promotes a natural glow


Once you fortify the main command center concentration on the forefront can begin e.g., emollients, creams, ointments, and exfoliation.


ASTAXANTHIN is available at many of your health food stores. It can be purchased as an individual supplement or is popularly absorbed through the intake of krill oil.

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