That sounds like the ultimate contradiction, whereas it is actually a deep and profound paradox we will be confronting if we remain open and honest to our emotional state. For this week, and at other times in our lives, we have huge openings to much happiness, great expansion, joy and knowing that life works and is all good.

angry-face-1wrblt4The paradox is that this can make us angry! Or more precisely it can trigger, and release old blocked anger where life felt like anything but a big glorious adventure, where instead it felt hard, unloving, pointless or whatever other negative feelings we were having. So to suddenly feel good, and worse, to realize that life actually is good (yes, even with the pan and challenges, worth it) can be terribly confronting, and terribly confusing, and thus irritating – making us angry.

Much of the time happiness is relegated to having a few drinks (or more) or  smoke, or getting laid, and the rest of the time is is numbed, blank or something to be angry about. So happiness is then actually then threatening and dangerous, to be rejected and negated.

The challenge for us all isto make a choice, a core choice, that comes down to: either choose to believe that life is fundamentally good: to be enjoyed, loved, played in, explored and mastered. Or life sux and the best we can do is push it away, numb the pain avoid the risks and get through it.

The kicker is… both are true. Whatever choice you make will be true for you. What others choose will be true for them.

If you choose to create your life to be joyful and good that requires that you open to, Gregory @ Richard's party Jan '13 copyconfront and master many things, including your anger. So, a mini-lesson on anger. First, anger is blocked passion. whatever makes you angry is reminding you of some place and time in your past when someone (probably parents) said “No” and blocked your natural flow to grow and explore, blocked you being different, blocked you exploring and experimenting – so do so now. Now give yourself permission to do all that was blocked back then.

Second, if someone triggers your anger do not fall into having an argument or fight. Walk away with your anger and take it into a private place like your bedroom, and yell and scream your anger out there, and ask… where did this start? What was this like back as a kid? You will discover that the person triggering your anger now is in some way like someone from the past and that your anger now is actually anger from the past trying to be released. In this way you free yourself from the past!

Keep doing these things when anger (or sadness actually) arises and you will discover that you can have more and more love, value and happiness in your life… oh, and a lot less aggravation and frustration, irritation and argument. Hmmm… more peace and calm ensues.


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