Finally, an at-home device that allows gamers to walk and run around naturally in a video game.

Virtuix Omni

A company called Virtuix is busting out a new gaming tool called the Omni that literally opening up a whole new world to gamers everywhere.

The Omni is an accessory device to work hand in hand with the Kinect, Oculus Rift VR glasses, or a PC.

Omni-Directional Treadmill

The Omni is a treadmill that lets you move at your pace in any direction you choose, all while technically staying put.

Just strap your belly into the center and put on your special low friction Omni shoes and the Virtuix hardware will translate your exact movements into your avatar in the game.

Virtual Reality In Your Living Room

What make’s the Virtuix Omni a potential game changer? It’s affordable, fits in your living room, and lets you physically play a game like you’ve always dreamed of.

The Omni doesn’t just enable walking, it allows for and can recognize when you run, jump strafe and crouch!

Size and Specs

The Omni is in currently 48″ in diameter, can support a waist size up to 62, and folds up easily for storage in small rooms and apartments.

The Omni is not commercially available yet, however the company plans on utilizing Kickstarter to raise funds. The proof of concept is there and Omni and is generating a lot of excitement in the gaming industry.

What Else Can It Do?

The Virtuix Omni doesn’t just have gamers drooling, other potential applications include virtual fitness, training, tours, meet-ups, work and explorations.

With the Omni, you can game, get the blood flowing, and feel good about it. Now your parents and girlfriend might actually be cool with you playing all day.

Mike Awada is a Colorado native, and a graduate of the University of Denver. Despite studying International Business, Mike loves to write. His interests include technology, science and sports. Mike covers Technology for 303 Magazine, and also runs a cutting edge news website at Follow Mike on Twitter @Astounde.