Need some new inspiration to work out? Do you thrive on healthy competition? Maybe quantifiable statistics drive you to push further.Orangetheory Fitness Logo - Reistered

Orangetheory Fitness’ newest location across from the Streets of Southglenn just might have what you need.

“Orangetheory Fitness, a relatively new concept, is a 60-minute interval training workout that increases energy and jump-starts metabolism,” according to a company spokesperson. “During an Orangetheory workout, Orange Theory-303 womanmembers work their entire bodies in focused 10- to 30-minute intervals. What makes the workout especially unique is that every member wears a heart rate monitor, and individual results and stats are projected on large screens in real-time.”

Looks like this company is growing: at press time, there were four Orangetheory locations in and around Denver, with a Broomfield location coming soon.

Check out their website for a free class.

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