Home interiors get cleaned. Car interiors get detailed. Our bodies are infinitely more important, right?. So why are showers the only personal cleaning regimen that most of us undergo? What about our interiors? How can we clean them? Drinking lots of water is never a bad idea, but Antonia Lafaye and Cher Aslor have some other suggestions. A nutritionist and a Pilates/yoga teacher, respectively, Lafaye and Aslor are teaming up to teach Nourish: A Way to Radiant Living. Nourish is designed to reduce inflammation and mucus, maximize nutrition and balance the body’s pH.

“This cleanse is not about fads or drinking only liquids for ten days,” says Lafaye. “It incorporates the best of what I’ve learned while investigating with individuals which foods and lifestyle habits support in the creation of the most radiant life.”

Participants are being treated to five hands-on classes, cooking demonstrations, nutritional education, unlimited Pilates classes for the month of May, specifically formulated herbs and supplements and recipe booklets and shopping resource guides to take home.

Nourish kicked off May 1 and meets every Wednesday in May. Enrollment is closed for the current session, but another cleanse will begin in the fall. For further information, contact Cher at or log onto

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