Bring the outdoors in and the indoors out with Archipelago’s candle parfums

No one holds a candle to Archipelago Botanical’s soy wax flambeaus. And for their spring 2013 collection, they are pulling out all of the stops.

Yes, welcome to the world where candles are unveiled in collections just like apparel — the world of candle perfumery.

Archipelago (, an international company, “where warm candlelight, exquisite fragrance and soothing products make a house a home,” launched 15 years ago with an aromatherapy platform. Since then, their U.S.-made products (skin care, home fragrance, hair products) have appeared in the lists of “bests” in home and fashion/beauty publications alike; it has been documented Rihanna even required Archipelago’s Black Forest Soy Candle during her Diamonds World Tour.


Photos Courtesy of Style House Public Relations

Hand-poured soy candles, processed from soybean oil, burn longer and cleaner than their counterparts. Archipelago prides itself on no animal testing, cotton-cored wicks (lead-free) and using layers of essential oils and natural fragrances.

Seeing as smell is the strongest sense tied to memory, why not greet guests (and their critical olfactories) with a beautiful fragrance in your home? Because each scent connotes a distinctive emotion, candles can allow you to create a unique atmosphere in each room of the home easily and variably.

Although décor is important in making a house a home and is a reflection of our personalities, scent is a detail—even more personal—we fanatic decorators often forget. Don’t let that be you!

Read on for my review of three of Archipelago’s fresh spring candle additions sure to make your house a home this season.


GrapefruitSmallCandlePrice: $20.00

Part of a larger collection of 31 scents designed exclusively for the home, Grapefruit offers an awakening, citrus scent with notes of sweet grapefruit and banana. Light and not overwhelmingly intrusive, this scent is ideal for spring.

The candle arrives wrapped in cellophane like a box of perfume and in a frosted glass container.

My Scentscape: The intoxicating scent transported me to a tropical island where I could envision myself lying on the beach at sunrise watching the sun come up over the horizon.

2. STEM TALL CANDLE – Atrium Collection

StemShortBoxPrice: $29.00

Stem, a limited edition candle parfum, brings the outdoors in. The clean scent is perfect for Colorado’s unpredictable spring weather. At a time when we should be able to open up our windows and let the fresh Mile High air in, we often have snow on the ground. This candle fills the gap.

Stem comes in a flower-topped, mercury glass container in two sizes. With its decorative presentation it would make for a perfect hostess gift for your upcoming summer gatherings if not for your own kitchen or entryway.

My Scentscape: The notes of freshly cut stems and garden leaves immediately made me think of my visit to the labyrinth at the Palace of Versailles in France two summers ago.

3. MANDARIN ZEST SOY CANDLE – Spring 2013 Collection

MandarinZestCandlePrice: $24.00 

Boost your mood with the citrusy scent of Mandarin Zest. Refreshing and crisp, this scent is sure to bring a whiff of the orange groves to your home.

Mandarin Zest arrives in an Asian-inspired packaging complete with Archipelago’s signature coin.

My Scentscape: The orange undertones of Mandarin Zest took me back to a school trip to Spain. Walking in the hamlets of the European country, we experienced the exotic scents of orange and olive groves.


Archipelago’s candles are sold at leading retailers, spas and department stores. Check out their website to find a retailer near you:

  • Trim wicks to one-quarter inch prior to burning. This prevents black smoke.
  • Discontinue use when one-half inch of the candle remains.
  • Burn for two hours, allow to cool, then relight.
  • Although certain scents are marketed to connote the same things (like lavender implying relaxation), you have carte blanche in selecting scents. Try something unexpected like Archipelago’s arugula-scented candle for the kitchen.