Colorado Ballet is in the midst of a decadent season. Following the outstanding spring performance of Ballet Masterworks, the company will present Light/The Holocaust and Humanity Project the last weekend in March at the Newman Center for the Performing Arts.

Ballet Austin - "Light/The Holocaust Project"

Ballet Austin – “Light/The Holocaust Project”

A single ballet with five movements, Light explores the human response to the horrors of genocide and human suffering. With an overture of triumph, this piece will challenge Denver dance goers once more into viewing Colorado Ballet as more than just a classical company.

Ballet Austin premiered the ballet in 2005 to critical acclaim. With moving scores by composers such as Arvo Part and Phillip Glass, the contemporary overtones of the performance will be set against classical music. The costumes will be minimal, the lighting and sets goose-bump inducing; it’s simply not to be missed.

I wanted to keep my word with regard to giving overdue credit to the men in the Denver dance scene, so I asked Colorado Ballet soloist Adam Still a few questions about the piece, his life in Denver, and what it’s like being a male dancer in general. I watched Still give a riveting performance as “The Chosen One” in Rite of Spring (part 3 of Ballet Masterworks) less than a month ago. He’s back at it again, with a lead role in Light/The Holocaust and Humanity Project.


What’s something special about this project- something that makes your heart sing – the score, choreography? 
I am the husband of the sole survivor.  In the ballet she is nameless but her character is based off of the real life survivor Naomi Warren.  The score and choreography are both beautiful.  The score is understated and lends itself well to dance.  However, for me, as nice as it is , the story is what moves me.  I’m recently engaged to fellow dancer Lesley Allred.  Although I will never feel or even comprehend the pain Naomi went through, I can imagine losing the one I love, which is what happened to her.  Just the thought of losing my other half is what provides the emotion I want to convey in this ballet
When you tell people what you do, what’s the reaction? You don’t meet as many males in dance as you do, say, working in finance.
Very true.  You don’t meet male dancers that often.  As I get older it becomes less of a big deal.  Granted, I’m not shouting from the mountain tops that I do ballet, but when I do decide to tell someone it’s usually a response of interest or, “that’s cool”.  One of the other responses I get often is, “You have to be in good shape to do that, right?”.  I smile and say yes, thinking to myself they don’t even know half the torture we put ourselves through.
What are things you enjoy about Denver?
Denver is very much an individual as a city.  It doesn’t feel like the midwest and it isn’t trying to copy any of the coastal cities.  It has it’s own unique vibe.  That’s what I like most about Denver.
Outside of dance, I’m really interested in sports fitness.  I don’t own a car (by choice) and ride my bike tons.  I try to live a green lifestyle.  For as long as Colorado Ballet has been here, people are still just now discovering it.  The more people that come will realize how athletic and exciting it is.  They’ll have their favorite dancers just like they have their favorite sports teams and players.
Give Tim Tebow the boot and follow your new favorite athlete on Twitter:  @alstill1. You can behold Still and the rest of the Colorado Ballet cast execute yet another brilliantly bold choice in choreography with times and dates as follows:

Friday Mar 29, 2013 @ 7:30 pm
Saturday Mar 30, 2013 @ 2 pm
Saturday Mar 30, 2013 @ 7:30 pm
Sunday Mar 31, 2013 @ 2 pm