Me inside the vintage poster store in the Gothic district of Barcelona

I have one vice when it comes to traveling… No matter where I go I must always bring back something from the trip, a souvenir of some sorts. However rather than buying a little key chain or a t-shirt I spend way too much time roaming through shops in hidden alleys looking for the perfect keepsake. Although this vice can be distracting, it has at times lead me to amazing places, such as a vintage poster store in the Gothic district of Barcelona or 100 year old bookstore in Rome. Maybe same instinct is what caused me to stop and venture into unassuming jewelry shop the other night in Cherry Creek…

Tibetan Sisters Jewelry and Art isn’t like your typical shop in Cherry Creek. It’s not a cutesy boutique or an art studio filled with stuff your likely to find as decorations at an American furniture warehouse. Rather this place has hundreds of pieces imported from Tibet, India and Nepal dawning every crevice of this space. And yes it does have its share of typical souvenirs but in most part there are some real unique finds in the here, like beautiful metal statement necklaces or an ornate and expertly painted hutch. If you’re a fan of unique finds like me then this is a place to come and explore a little. And even though this place is not going to be anything like buying these pieces in Tibet or Nepal it’s pretty nice trade.

Tibetan Sisters Jewelry

Tibetan Sisters Jewelry

If you want to further your Tibetan experience even further there are some Tibetan restaurants in Colorado. But the owner of the jewelry store confirmed my suspicions and told me that the majority of Tibetan culture is centered in and around the Boulder area. So if you’re willing to make the trip check out Tibet’s Kitchen off of Arapahoe and 28th in Boulder or Tibet’s Restaurant and Bar in Longmont. Shamefully I used to live right down the street from Tibet’s Kitchen but never made it inside, however from what I gathered it always looks busy and well maintained.  So next time you’re in Boulder take the time I regretfully never did and try out their cuisine.

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