Photo by Adam Hunger

The light bulb, a modern marvel, has become bland and underappreciated.

Luckily for humanity, engineers at Philips have been hard at work figuring out the best way to give our homes the funkadelic feeling we’ve been craving. Finally, last week, they took the curtain off of Hue, a game-changing personal lighting system for your home.

The Four Step Program

Step One: Trash your boring old bulbs.

Step Two: Hook up a box from Philips to your wireless router.

Step Three: Twist in the new Hue light bulbs and download the free Hue App.

Step Four: Enter a new world. Hue’s personal lighting kit gives you the flyest living room on the block.

Once you’ve followed the four step program, you can use your iPhone or iPad to wirelessly select any color from the entire spectrum and boldly and vibrantly experience them in your home like never before. Undoubtedly the coolest part about Hue is that you can snag specific colors from any digital photo and instantly project them into your life. Seamless multi-bulb control enables you to recreate the most memorable events in history. Not only that, Philips did their research and threw in a number of different ‘light recipes’; settings scientifically proven to help you relax, increase productivity and energize your world.

Sound too good to be true? It is, but it’s real. Check out the video below.

Want to Hue-ify your home? Hit up the Apple store or Your world will never be the same.


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