Recently I got to talk to Aryn Schlichting, co-founder of Dressed Up Salad Dressing, an all-natural line of salad dressings made from vegetables, fruit and flax to add nutritional value to your salad.  After all, why fill a bowl with healthy fruits and vegetables and then cover it in unhealthy dressing? Well apparently the judges at the 2012 Naturally Boulder Entrepreneurial “pitch slam” contest agreed with Aryn and her business partner Jamie Corder. Dressed up won thousands of dollars in services from local professional companies to help them get started, as well as exposure to hundreds of industry vets. It is currently sold in select Whole Foods locations in the Front Range and will expand to all twenty Colorado Whole Foods locations early next year. You can help this amazing new company out right now (and get some salad dressing!) by going to their Kickstarter page.


303: What makes your salad dressing so special?

Our salad dressing is the first dressing on the shelves that was actually created to add nutritional value to your salad using natural and organic ingredients.  Besides all of the added benefits to the dressing the response to the taste has been overwhelming!  Everyone thinks it is so delicious.


303: What flavors do you offer?

Currently our signature Purple Carrot dressing is available on the shelves of select Whole Foods (Cherry Creek, Boulder/Pearl & Basalt).  We are in the process of launching a Mango Agave and a Cocoa Balsamic in the winter of 2013.


303: What’s the recipe for your favorite Fall salad?

For a fall salad we love a bed of fresh arugula, sprinkled with sliced pears, toasted almonds and goat cheese.  Of course topped off with some Purple Carrot dressing.


303: Tell me a little about the people behind the dressing. 

We are two best friends who moved to the mountains of Vail, CO from Chicago and San Francisco. When we are not working (seems like we are always working these days) we love skiing, running and catching up with friends.

Aryn is an event designer by day and leads all things creative, inspired and beautiful at Dressed Up.  She is a new mom to the cutest little peanut around, and she spends her days convincing Jamie to spend money on the little extras (signage!) that give Dressed Up its special touch.

Jamie is a brand strategist by day and manages the “left-side” of Dressed Up (finance, operations, blah, blah…). She is Liam’s favorite aunt (or at least likes to think so) and thinks she spends half her day explaining why “we can’t buy that” to Aryn.

The idea for Dressed Up was born one day as we stood in the salad dressing aisle getting ready for a dinner party. We were looking for a dressing that would make our salad healthier, would taste great, and would be fun to pass around the table with friends. We were surprised to find out that no matter how hard we looked, all the dressings were loaded with sugar, fat, and chemicals, and felt uninspired. As we walked away empty-handed we thought, ‘let’s make a dressing that we want.’

So two years ago we set out to create an inspired, thoughtful and vibrant salad dressing that adds vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber to your salad, while enhancing its natural flavor. We worked with a professional chef and nutritionist, and searched high and low for the finest natural ingredients.


303: It’s sooo good, what can we put this on other than salad?

Our newest suggestion is to use it on a cheese plate.  Everyone loves a little fruit or jam with their cheese so why not try our dressing.  The consistency works perfectly to drizzle over some blue cheese or a brie.  You will love the combination and your guests will be pleasantly surprised!


303: Now that you’re all “dressed up,” where are you going to go?

Dressed Up has been approved to sell regionally in Whole Foods across Colorado and neighboring states.  We have currently launched a Kickstarter campaign to make this possible.  Our goal is to get all three flavors to market and distribute across the region.  We also plan to launch an ecommerce site up so that we can sell to fans across the country.  We have met so many customers who are begging for us to ship it to them back home… so that is the next thing on our to-do list.