Some styles come and go, but the good ones are eternal.  So trend-setters of the world, its time to dress like the Queen that you know you are.

A model at Jakarta Fashion Week 2012 displays the Baroque-influenced style from head to toe.

Women of 17th century Europe nailed it.  Baroque is back and we are not trying to fix it.  Revel in the ornate and swaddle yourself in the lush exuberance of Baroque influenced fashion.

Jakarta Fashion Week oozed drama and impressive power as the models strutted across the runway.  The colors were dark with regal accents of golds, reds, and purples.  This is your time to live like a royal – and let’s not kid ourselves, we have all dreamed about being a decadent Queen with our royal servants running about Versailles.  But this time, you won’t be playing dress-up in your mom’s closet.

A model at Jakarta Fashion Week 2012 shows off an ornate necklace and detailed blazer with a crisp, structured blouse.

Color Palette: As fun as neons and other bright colors can be, the only Queen I can imagine wearing them is one at a Vegas drag show.  The key to the Baroque color palette is to think regal.  Black, Navy, Gold, Cream and dark Purple hues will be your base.  But do not hesitate to add reds and royal blues as accent colors to really make the outfit pop.

Glitz and Pattern: To achieve a look that any queen would envy, think ornate.  Metallic stitching of elaborate designs with the addition of jewels and beads make the perfect Baroque influenced piece.  Do not hesitate to adorn yourself in ornate florals and opulent-looking beads.  But do remember – sumptuous, not gaudy.

Structure:  Maintaining a structured line with this trend is absolutely key.  Baroque style requires a true commitment to more rigid framework than some other styles.  A crisp button-down blouse will pair perfectly with a structured but ornately patterned blazer.  Let the drama of the pattern and design be the eye-catcher by maintaining a classic, structured, shape.

Bling:  We can only imagine what type of jewels the queens of lives-past had access to.  And let’s face it, we are not them (sadly.)  So here is your chance to dig into your chest of play-jewelry. Think ornamental. This is your chance to really do it up.  Find those perfect pieces that look real and layer it on.  Multiple rings with big jewels or stones and excessively decorated gold bangles.  Statement pieces are a must to achieve this look.  Leafy, gold, collared necklaces and earrings are always a great starting point.

A model at Jakarta Fashion Week 2012 shows off the details important to achieving the Baroque look.

Shoes:  Everyone knows that a pair of shoes can make or break an outfit.  So be wise in your selection to finish off this Baroque trend.  If you have an embellished and bedecked pair of stilettos or wedges that match your color palette and pattern selection, then rock ‘em girl! If not, no need to fret.  Find a shoe that first) matches your color palette and second) is classic enough to blend seamlessly into the crisp structure of your outfit.

With these basic principles, you can be the queen of the scene this fall.  This style may have started back in the 1600’s, but it takes the confidence of a modern woman to make it all come together.  So with a smile on your face, rock this amazingly fun look with confidence.  The Queens of yesteryear got the basics right, so remember, “It it’s Baroque, don’t fix it. Rock it!”