I will never forget my experience at SOL, Store of Lingerie in Cherry Creek North.  As much as I love fashion, I am ashamed to admit that intimate apparel has never interested me, until now.

Photo courtesy of SOL…Store of Lingerie

SOL is as warm and inviting as is its staff.  I was promptly introduced to Cindy Johnson, Co-Founder, Owner and expert bra fitter.  Cindy is one of those people you like and trust in a matter of minutes.  She exudes passion for her craft like I have never encountered.  Cindy has appeared on The Today Show several times, and for good reason.  She is the best at what she does.  Her passion for helping women discover the perfect fitting bra is inspiring.  Cindy taught me more about the intimate apparel industry, fabrications and fit of bras in 20 minutes than I thought possible.

Photo courtesy of SOL…Store of Lingerie

There is so much more to purchasing a bra than I knew.  Traditionally, I have gone to the same mall store, picked a few in different colors, and made my purchase.  Why try them on?  I have been buying the same thing for years.  When I told Cindy this, the color drained from her face and I thought she might faint.  Thankfully she did not she politely excused herself from the fitting room.  I stood there, wondering if I am so misguided in my ways that I am beyond her help.  I didn’t wonder long as Cindy re-entered the room with an armful of the most beautiful bras I had ever seen.

The Fashion of Intimate Apparel
Not only did Cindy forgive me, she helped me to see the error in my ways.  At SOL, most of the brands are European.  Their Designer Collection consists of Marie Jo, Primadonna, Eberjey, Aubade, Andres Sarda, and Lise Charmel.  At first, I did not have an appreciation for these brands.  Cindy was kind enough to explain to me the fashion of intimate apparel.

Just as fashion has its seasons, so does lingerie.

Intimate apparel designers take their design and color palette inspiration directly from the runway.  Cindy guided me through the Ready-to-Wear intimates as well as the Couture pieces in her store.  Every piece she showed me was brilliant.  There are bras with fine lace, bras with hand stitched Swarovski elements, bras so ornate I could have been looking at an original Oscar de la Renta.  My eyes are open, and I will never again look at intimate apparel as a necessity, rather an element of style.

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A Fitting Success
After I asked as many questions as I could, Cindy carried on with my fitting.  She described how I should feel in my bras and how I should look.  I tried on a hot pink “Daisy” by Marie Jo, a staple for SOL that comes in season after season in on-trend colors. Cindy decided that it was not for me and I wasn’t about to argue with her. Then, she had me try something amazing, a bra by the French brand Aubade.  The pattern in the lace of this bra is designed to resemble the chandeliers at the Opera House in Paris.  The name of this particular collection is Opéra Libertine.  Aubade proclaims, “Women love our lingerie.  So do men.”  Their Fall/Winter 2012 look book is full of pieces that range from stunningly sophisticated to provocative and daringly sexy.    Cindy showed me the potential I had in my own appearance and how the proper fit in something beautiful can make you feel better about yourself and to feel more confident.  Who knew I could achieve this with right intimates?  After this experience, I am pleased to say that a certain mall store has one less customer.

Photo courtesy of SOL…Store of Lingerie

The Mavens of Unmentionables

Passion can only get a business so far, and  although the amount of passion Cindy has seems like it could carry the weight of the world, she has a lot of support.  For as much vision and expertise Cindy has, her sister Jeanie Peterson has the business booming.  Jeanie is also Owner & Co-Founder of SOL.  She helps to create and strategize marketing and advertising campaigns – she is the yin to Cindy’s yang.  Both women are strong, creative and contribute their unique strengths to their store.  According to Jeanie, SOL’s mission is to, “provide women with beautiful, comfortable, perfectly fitting bras and sleepwear while offering a superior level of customer service, and, most importantly, to make bra shopping fun.”  Jeanie and her team have realized their mission.  The store has a database where they keep track of what you purchase.  They even have a store wish list.

Along with the sister’s passion for customer service, they are also committed to serving their community.  SOL is always collecting gently used bras to donate through their Bra Drive program that benefits The Gathering Place.  They are also corporate event sponsors at fundraisers for the Morgan Adams Foundation, a non-profit that raises awareness for pediatric cancer.  Investing in the community is important.  The sisters also hire local talent and use locations around town in all of their advertising campaigns.

The Fête

A CelebrationSOL is kicking off it’s year-long celebration of turning 15 with an in-store event.

Photo courtesy of SOL…Store of Lingerie

August 29, 2012
5pm – 8pm

  • Sips by St. Germain and sweets by Big Fat Cupcake.
  • Live performance by SOL Girl & singer, Tiffany Vartanyan and you can
  • Have your photo taken in a vintage Nash Roadster.
  • Enter to win a $500 shopping spree.
  • SOL is also donate a portion of the sales that evening to the Morgan Adam’s Foundation.

Shopping for bras is always daunting.  At SOL, they strive to make your experience positive, and I bet after just one visit, you will be going back for more.