img: Jonathan Shoup

Go-go dancers are like motivational coaches for the dance floor. Even before the majority of inhibitions are lubricated away by booze, go-gos are already going to town on boxes adjacent to the DJ booth. Go-Go Soapbox highlights individual dancers in different cities. DJs may get paid hundreds or thousands more, but go-go dancers have become instrumental to electronic music performance. On the occasion of Global Dance Festival annual three-day stand at Red Rocks, there is no more appropriate subject than the event’s go-go wrangler, Performing Arts Director Ms Easy.

Stage alias?
Ms Easy

Earliest dance-related memory?
Grooving on the dance floor with some ladies while my dad DJ’d at the club he worked for. Apparently I was a “chick magnet.”

Booty camp? Supplementary skills?
I wasn’t able to take dance at a young age coming from a blue collar family in the Midwest. I was first awed by the greats in black & white, Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers. At an early age, Micheal Jackson & MC Hammer moved me to get my dancing shoes on. Soon I started dancing on the street with the kids in the neighborhood & realized I had to step it up fast since I was usually the minority. I’d say my street skills & early years really taught me versatility & gave me the ability to adapt as a dancer. As an adult, I have studied most types of dance but I am still more invested in what can’t be taught in any dance school.

Extraordinary assets?
Other than my balloon animal skills? I make a mean drag king.

Easy @ Global (img: Jonathan Shoup)

Most titillating outfits?
There was that one time at Burning Man when we rode as a mob of pervy flashers wearing only trench coats, mustaches, & cod pieces. Otherwise it’s probably the metal bra top & thong I wear during my angle grinder routine. Sparks fly off the nipples. Is that titillating enough?

My first tattoo was on my foot. It’s a matching one to a friend’s that nearly died. Afterwards I began getting inked with all of the most important people in my life. I now have my foot, the backs of my calves, the inside of my ear, a full sleeve and of course the one that you can’t see below the belt. I got my famous chest piece, the phrase “Puisque rein ne dure,” after Hurricane Katrina. Soon after that I decided to get a sleeve which not only represents Nola but also the people who played significant roles in my life. My tattoos are literally a timeline of my life.

Yes lots. A lady never puts her business out on the street. Let’s just say I’ve had a bit of a needle fetish over the years.

Class, confidence, intelligence, style. Good ink, nylons, Depeche Mode, Jeffrey Campbell, motorcycles, death metal, Agent Provocateur, fitness, french nothings, drum & bass, desserts, j-rock hair, guitars, all things kismet. This list is endless.

Lubrication of choice?
I’m an avid tea drinker. I love tea culture & have traveled around the world in search of the finest tea houses. My favorite is the wedding tea from the Mariage Freres in Paris.

Finest knob twiddlers IYHO?
Stanton Warriors & DJ Icey are probably my favorite acts to work with. Pantyraid, Glitch Mob, 12th Planet and Dirtyphonics are always impressive. Dieselboy, Craze, & Z-trip have to take the title for the most technical skill while wooing crowds. I’ll always love classics like Green Velvet & Ritchie Hawtin too.

Schoolgirl or day job?
My day job, is my night job, is my 24/7 job. I’m the owner of a small business, Team Ez Entertainment.. It features entertainment planning, costuming, dancers, & circus arts. My company has an extensive roster of performers nationwide that travel & perform at large scale events. When I’m not completely consumed with running my business I’m on tour performing or hand crafting all of the costumes for our shows. I also teach a weekly dance fitness class at Tease Studio & hold a residency as the lead dancer & performing arts manager at Beta Nightclub.

Best way to stay abreast of upcoming gigs—go-go and otherwise?
You can see Team Ez Entertainment & myself performing on the regular at Beta Nightclub here in Denver. You can also tune in to or our Facebook page, Team Ez Entertainment, for updates on where my team & I are at in the world.

For further information on Global Dance Festival, Featured image courtesy James Stolzenbach.