My three biggest fears in life are as follows:

  1. Public Speaking
  2. Seeing Lindsay Lohan’s New Face in Person
  3. Shopping for New Bras

OK, OK, so maybe I am exaggerating (just slightly) my third biggest fear in life,  – fears one and two are not exaggerated – but on the list of very exciting fashion-y things I get to do because of my job as a fashion editor, shopping for, and trying on new bras is an eye rolling and downtrodden task.

Hello, my name is Jenny, and on most days I wear a sports bra. You read correctly – a sports bra.

Since the age of 15 when I first needed a bra, – I was a late bloomer – there has never been a time when I have come home from undergarment shopping with a skip in my step. Well, maybe one skip for a pretty bra from your run-of-the-mill, mall, pretty in pink lingerie outfitter, but it quickly turned to a drag after a week or so and a few spins through the washing machine. The truth is, that bra probably didn’t fit correctly in the first place and was hastily purchased as to avoid the overwhelming cornucopia of perfume scents that cause disorientation and almost always take up (at least) five counters in those types of stores.

DISCLAIMER: Abovementioned shopping experiences do not include the purchase of sexy lingerie for special occasions I’d rather my mother not read about online.

With that being said, I am beyond thrilled to announce that last week, after years of unenthusiastic lingerie dressing room once-overs, I magically transformed into Doutzen Kroes.  Right there, in the bedroom mirror of The Ritz-Carlton, Denver hotel suite, I grew eight inches taller, my hair became perfectly windblown and I looked AMAZING in a bra. And for this experience I would like to thank The Academy (because during any delusional 15 minutes of fame you should always thank The Academy), and Susan, my Wacoal bra fit specialist that introduced me to this brand –which I am sure I’ve stupidly overlooked 1000 times – and the Embrace Lace Underwire Bra.

Embrace Lace Underwire Bra by Wacoal

On the fourteenth floor of The Ritz-Carlton, Denver, Wacoal had invited us to participate in ‘Wine and a Fitting”, and that we did. From breathtaking heights above the city streets, the suite was filled with racks of product for review, writers from every style-crunching website and magazine in the metro area, delectable treats and delicious libations.

View from the 14th Floor of The Ritz-Carlton, Denver

The "Goods"

Delectable Treats

Whisked away in to a luxurious bedroom for a custom bra fitting, I was given the utmost attention by Susan who kept reassuring me that she would find a bra that would make me feel beautiful. She did. The Embrace Lace Underwire Bra fit perfectly. My “girls” never looked better – perky, but not too perky, voluptuous but not spilling out in all the wrong places. Wacoal doesn’t exaggerate online in the description of this bra when it says, “Signature floral lace pattern combined with a soft mesh gives you 360 degrees of beauty.” From every angle, I felt beautiful. It is clear that Wacoal aims to do just that – make every woman feel beautiful at any age, in their own skin (the delusional Doutzen Kroes moment’s are an added bonus).

Susan, Wacoal Sales Consultant

I received an e-mail today from the Wacoal publicist reminding me that my new bra –compliments of Wacoal– should arrive at my house next week. I wanted to post this before it arrives as to not be tempted to take an obnoxious self-portrait featuring my new bra to include in this post. You’re welcome.

Sarah & Me (aka, Doutzen Kroes)

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Wacoal products can be found in the Denver area at Nordstrom, Neimen Marcus and Macys. To find more store locations near you, click here.