It’s a perfect evening. You finally have some alone time with your significant other, or the time is right to take that new relationship one step further. The mood is set: perfect music playing, candles are lit, you’re enjoying your favorite bottle of wine, and things are getting hot and heavy. Just as you’re ready to take the leap, you reach into your nightstand drawer for protection, and YIKES, you’re out of condoms! Damn! I hate when that happens.

Everyone understands the importance of safe sex to prevent STDs and avoiding an unwanted pregnancy, but buying condoms can be overwhelming and sometimes a bit embarrassing. And even though having sex is fun, buying condoms usually isn’t. Have you ever been in line at Target with your box of condoms and realized that the person behind you in line was your college professor, your child’s elementary school teacher, your boyfriend’s mom, or your parish priest? Have you ever bought an entire box of condoms only to find that you didn’t like them? Did you know that more than 50% of all condoms are purchased by women? Now you can make sure that you always have a ready supply without the inconvenience of running to the store or feeling uncomfortable or confused about what kind to buy. Part of having a positive sexual experience is having the right equipment, so why not make the entire process, including the preparation, more fun as well?

Now there’s an easy, cost-effective, and simple way to make sure that you’re never again caught in a rainstorm without your rubbers. There is a new company called Lucky Bloke, conceived and run by Melissa White that will discretely mail condoms and lubricant to your door on a monthly basis. In previous articles, I’ve talked about why the world might be a better place if we were all having more frequent and satisfying sex, but by purchasing through Lucky Bloke, you can have an immediate positive impact on the planet at the same time. This monthly condom subscription not only guarantees that you are never caught in an awkward situation in the bedroom, or the supermarket, but the company donates 10% of their proceeds to a charity of your choosing. They are currently working with three charities: charity:water, UNICEF, and It Gets Better Project.

Lucky Bloke offers a wide variety of condoms, in varying sizes, from many different manufacturers– some of which you can’t find in local retail outlets. Ever wanted to try something new? Studded, ultra-thin, ribbed, flavored – there are so many choices but how do you know if you’ll like them enough to buy an entire box? The sampler pack might be the answer, or you can order a monthly shipment of six in the same style. We all know that buying in volume saves you money, but if you’re a bit shy or prone to turning red because of the stares from the sales clerk or people in line behind you when purchasing a 40-pack of condoms, this may be your perfect solution. With free shipping anywhere in the world being offered by this new company throughout the month of March, you’ll not only save time and gas money in eliminating your shopping trips, but you can make your choices from the privacy of your home, and get them at a better price than at most stores.

So now that you have the condoms, what about the lubricant? Good news! Lucky Bloke offers a wide variety of those as well. And if you’re not sure what you like, or you wish to experiment, you can order your lube in the sample size pillow packs as well as by the bottle. We’ve seen monthly auto-ship programs for things like beer, health elixirs, and wine, so why not something to support a healthy sex life?

Having a bad month? Are you in between lovers?  Is your mate traveling a lot this month? They’ve thought of that too. You can put your subscription on hold at anytime. If you find that the Billy Boy Extra-Lubricated was a little too slippery, or that Beyond Seven Studded style reminds you of your ex-girlfriend who broke your heart, maybe it’s time for the Billy Boy Extra Power. No problem, change your order. There’s a wider selection than you’ll find in any drugstore or sex-toy shop, so feel free to try them all! Need a little extra money to get you through college? Lucky Bloke has recently launched an Ambassador program for college students that provides free condoms and some extra income.

St. Paddy’s Day (my favorite holiday, since it also happens to be my birthday) is just around the corner, and it’s a pretty big party night particularly this year since it is on a Saturday. Lucky Bloke is pretty certain there will be many people getting lucky on March 17th with all that green beer flowing, and want to do their part to help you be prepared for a perfect ending to a fun evening. They are offering a couple of specials to 303 Magazine readers as a result:

  1. All 303 Magazine readers will receive a free six pack of lubricants in pillow packs with your first order, once you subscribe. Simply use this link and the coupon code 303Mag at checkout.
  2. They are offering a free one-month supply of 18 condoms and a 12 pack of trial size lubricants to the winner of a contest we are holding for our readers over the next week. To enter, simply comment or ‘like’ this article below.  The winner will be selected on March 14th, so the condoms and lube can arrive in time for St. Paddy’s day on March 17th, when the lucky winner will, hopefully, get lucky and get laid!  No future obligation or purchase is required to receive your prize and it will be discretely shipped to your home address.

You’ve heard the saying, ‘if you want something, act as if you already have it’? If you’re hoping to have more sex in your life, sign up now and don’t get caught in an awkward situation. It’s amazing what can happen when you take a positive step forward. So do your part to save the planet while having more pleasurable safe sex! We look forward to your stories/comments below! And may the luck of the Irish be with ya!