Two weeks in. I wasn’t entirely sure where I’d be at this point when I started. Well, maybe a better way to put it is I wasn’t sure where I’d be affected. Once I came to the conclusion I was going to take on this endeavor (and it be made public), I had no choice but to be successful. I am after all, a bit stubborn and refuse to acquiesce to defeat; let alone in front of an audience. Interestingly though, challenges and obstacles came from various angles. Everything always goes great those first few days, high motivation with relatively low temptations. Then the inevitable happens–free pie. I mean WTF! I do not really struggle horribly with food, but I have been open to the idea of indulging in dessert ecstasy. I have not been offered so much as a taste of a pleasurable morsel in the last several months and within two days of conscientious eating I’m offered free pie?! This is obviously a sign of some powerful entity screwing with me. So, not being one to admit anything lightly, let alone defeat, I did what I had to do… accept the offer, under the condition it was of a subpar option; and naturally, I gave it to an intern. They say that crap rolls downhill.

I did say from “various angles,” right? Are you familiar with the term jumped? I was jumped. Free pie aside, six deadlines (three due the same day), Ilee had three days off of school, squeezing in eating five meals a day (when one is accustom to stariving oneself, eating healthy is a full time job itself), keeping up with the workouts, and ‘husband time’ left me spinning. Realizing that I am of a stubborn nature, I knew I could use that attitude of mine and direct it at the hands of fate for a coup d’état. I really like control. I mean, I really like control and it likes me. Once I took the the wheel, and directed my attitude at those deceitful, malicious, sabotaging(well you get the point) “angles” took on new forms–targets. F**k ‘em!

My trainer, Adam, continues to work me over as though I’m preparing for Dante’s Decathlon; forever trying to keep up with that punk Virgil, who goes so damn fast and will leave you if you don’t keep up. Virgil, I mean Adam, has me flipping 250 lb tires (Sisyphus is weak; he pushes a rock and cries about it. Although, I cried too), abdominal work that involves swinging a sledge hammer, and running inclines until my body screamed at me to recline. Over time I came to crave that hell. Does that make a masochist? Who’s to say? Crazy for sure. The saying goes, “there is a fine line between insanity and brilliance, and its often that those terms coincide,” or something like that. Adam may be the epitome as he is able to demonstrate how seemingly simple actions with the right amount of resistance and motivation can yield fantastic results.

The verdict thus far: lost 7 lbs of fat; 3 pounds off the scale; and, oh ya, to those powerful entities screwing with me…”adult baseball” the other night, I pitched a complete game and got the win so HA! Exercise is my dessert. Mmmm! In the midst of all the excitement I almost forgot, with all my aforementioned attitude adjustments my mom even told me I’ve been nicer. I suppose my spiteful vendettas can have unforeseen positive results too.

START: (measurement) 160lb |  56.2lb fat mass | 35% body fat (very poor) | 103.7lb lean mass

GOAL: 130lb | 20lb fat mass | 20% body fat | 110lb lean mass

NOW : 157lb | 43 lb fat mass | 27% body fat | 113lb lean mass