Every other month I look forward to the pampering and primping I receive from Andrew and Jenn Armand at Flaunt Salon. Not only do I get a Los Angeles quality cut and color, but I feel at home when I visit.

I’ve tried countless hairdressers in Denver the past 15 years and none have been able to give me the quality hairstyle I’m accustomed to receiving while living in L.A. It was getting to the point where I was seriously considering flying to California every other month to get my hair done.

I’ve been blessed with difficult hair to cut and style. It is super fine and curly and not a nice curly unless I am in a super humid climate where it has the moisture needed to give it volume.

Most hair stylists want to layer my hair and I end up looking like I have a bad 80’s hairstyle. Don’t even get me started on color. Highlights mean just that, not all over blonde when I am clearly a brunette for crying out loud.

I discovered Andrew and Flaunt Salon awhile back when a mutual friend of ours invited me to the grand opening event. Andrew and his wife have been in the business forever. Andrew grew up in a hair salon and his wife Jenn started working in salons at 18. I made the switch and my hair looks great.

I am in as close to hair bliss as is possible with my crazy hair. I get compliments again and feel so much better about myself these days when I style my hair or just let it go crazy. My highlights look like sun kissed strands of beautiful blonde that get lighter and lighter with more sun exposure. I still look like a brunette too.

In the winter I have Jenn, spray tan me and it looks amazing. Spray tanning is a fabulous alternative to tanning beds that speed up the ageing process and who needs that? Thanks to Jen, I have nice color all winter long and I need it.

Check out Flaunt Salon for addition information and services including facials. There are a number of fantastic stylists to choose from. My beau gets his haircut by Prairie and his hair has never looked better.

Flaunt Salon is located downtown on Larimer & 22nd near the ballpark.