All of you born in the 80s should remember the summer days when you’d sit around with your friends weaving, threading and braiding homemade bracelets. Whether crafted from colorful string, thick lanyard or bold beads, creating the playful wrist-candy was a popular pastime. Although they were meant for trading as “friendship bracelets”, I always developed a deep connection to my designs and could rarely give them up.

Fast forward to 2011. Today’s accessory trend de jour is the grown-up friendship bracelet – and they are everywhere. A throwback to the youthful hobby, accessory designers are reviving the wrist-wrapping jewelry with modern twists.

Perhaps the pioneer of the sophisticated friendship bracelet, Chan Luu made the wrap bracelet popular a few years ago. With a variety of different colors and stones, the brand’s bracelets work for nearly anyone’s style. Also joining the friendship fad are Frieda and Nellie and Michelle Roy Crowne, two brands focused on stylish and updated friendship bracelets (think bejeweled yarn woven designs). Mainstream design houses like Juicy Couture are also embracing the colorful accessory update.

Friendship bracelets are best worn stacked, so start spreading the stylish trend and maybe you’ll get some in return.