Beet Burger with carmelized onions, feta and spinach.The folks at The Kitchen were kind enough to invite me to the opening of The Kitchen [Next Door], their new (and adjacent) location. The Kitchen serves only “slow food,” a movement which promotes sustainable and local food among other things. The Kitchen [Next Door] serves up legit slow food at a surprisingly fast pace. My beet burger (pictured, left) tasted like it had been made falafel style. The patty was just beets and bread crumbs, and it was topped with caramelized onions, feta and spinach. I’m not vegetarian, but I have a soft spot for beets so I just had to try it. I’ve heard that this beautiful beet creation has converted more than one beet skeptic into a loyal consumer. I found the patty to be a little on the soft side, but the flavor was excellent. It was served with a quinoa (which, as a chenopod, is closely related to the beet!) salad, including golden raisins, slivered almonds, red onions and probably more things which I couldn’t identify. The quinoa salad blew me away, it was crunchy and refreshing.

For dessert I had their panna cotta (pictured on the right). It came topped with fresh strawberries and crumbled bits of meringue. Panna Cotta dessert with meringue crumbles and stawberries.Nothing could have been a more satisfying end to my meal than a light summer dessert like panna cotta. The strawberries were overflowing with flavor and combined nicely with the crunch of meringue and the custardy simplicity of panna cotta, which coats the tongue and cools the palate. Get a sandwich and a side for less than $10, and add dessert for a few more bucks. They also have starters like kale chips, garlic smashed fingerlings, or ham and cheese fritters. Meat eaters might opt for sandwiches like the grilled chicken with arugula and garlic aioli or the roast Colorado lamb with mint sauce.

If you loved The Kitchen, then come [Next Door] and try out all the new eats. If you’ve never been before, you’re missing out on something amazing that’s right [Next Door].