DFW Review: Interview with 303’s Publisher, AB Aharonian

photo by Brent Andeck
photo by Brent Andeck
photo by Brent Andeck

Denver Fashion Weekend presented by Schomp MINI took place last Saturday and Sunday, November 9 and 10, and is still making waves with its reviews and photographs. The 2-night event showcased clothing from local designers and boutiques on Saturday, along with hair from Denver’s best salons on Sunday. If you weren’t able to attend the show, you definitely missed out, but there are hundreds of photos to look through to get a feel for each night.

We talked with 303 Magazine‘s publisher, AB Aharonian, about what he thought about the show, a few of his favorite moments, and what we can expect from the upcoming Spring Denver Fashion Weekend.

photo by Brent Andeck
photo by Brent Andeck

How many people total were at this year’s Denver Fashion Weekend? 

There were 2,000+ fashionistas, and 500 participants and volunteers.

Would you say it was successful?

This year was the most successful Denver Fashion Weekend yet.

What made this year’s DFW so different then the shows previously?

At DFW this fall, we had more fashionable attendees than ever before, we upgraded almost every aspect of the show with staging and stage production, we doubled the amount of models, added a professional visual person, and flew in a celebrity fashion DJ from L.A.: DJ Lindsay Luv.

What was your favorite moment from the local fashion show on Saturday night?

On Saturday night, it was seeing the amount of the fashionable guests that came to watch a fashion show in Denver and to hear the feedback on how great the show was .

What about on Sunday night?

It was seeing all of the hard work from all the participating salons and seeing them come together to watch the amazed faces of DFW guests during the show and the feedback on the show after.

It was the first year having a celebrity DJ, Lindsay Luv. How do you think that affected the show?

It was awesome. DJ Lindsay Luv brought the music element into DFW for the first time, and she brought lots of excitement and created national press for DFW.

photo by Brent Andeck
photo by Brent Andeck

Charlie Price was the runway producer for both nights. How do you think he did as a runway producer of such a big event?

…amazing work as always.

How do you think the crowd reacted to each show?
If you go back and watch the videos, you’ll be able to hear the crowd really engaged with the shows. They were clapping their hands and cheering, and there were lots of photos and videos being taking during each of the runway shows.

Food trucks were a part of the 2-day event for the first time ever. Did you get to taste them?

Unfortunately I was too busy to taste the food myself, but I heard great things about them.

Schomp MINI was the presenter of Denver Fashion Weekend. Why did you want to partner with them?
The MINI C00per brand is all about fashion, art and music, so it is a great fit. Schomp MINI has been a partner and supporter since the very first 303 Magazine Hair Show in 2007 and they truly understand the potential of the growing fashion market in Denver by wanting to help local talent and putting Denver fashion on the map.

What was your proudest moment of this year’s Denver Fashion Weekend?

My proudest moment was hearing the feedback from our guests right after the shows and getting numerous emails, text, phone calls and Facebook messages congratulating us on the best fashion show Denver has produced yet.

DFW takes place twice a year. What can we look forward to for the upcoming Spring DFW?

We always try to outdo our previous DFW, so expect to see a larger crowd, more designers, boutiques, salons, models and artists, and have better production over all.

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photo by Brent Andeck
photo by Brent Andeck

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