Ginger: Wardrobe malfunction? Bring it on!

Ladies nights have long been staples of nightclubs and bars. Get a hen party started and the men will follow suit. Getting said hen party started in the first place is the hard part. Martinis and manicures, a happy hour promotion NY-based Beauty Bar claims to have originated, apparently works like a charm, though. Where else can a girl get her nails done while simultaneously getting hammered? Not many salons have liquor licenses, after all. Stiff cocktails and hand jobs aren’t the only things Denver’s franchise–in the old Snake Pit space–has going for it on Thursdays. That evening’s main event Kitty Kat Social is hosted by recent Westword “Best Non-Traditional DJ” award winner Ginger Perry. Ginger holds down several residencies around town, Turntable Sunday brunch being the most unique by far. Considering Beauty Bar’s proven hipster clout, Ginger is amped about the opportunity.

“We have some cool shit on the horizon. We’re gonna do a field day with three-legged races and stuff. We’re probably gonna start doing some fashion events on Thursdays for happy hour. I believe Fabric Lab is gonna do something very soon. Bailey is going to be doing her mustache fashion show. Sweet Bailey Rose and her Mustache Fashion Show. There’s some sneak attacks on the line, but I can’t really say what those are at this juncture.”

Drinks won’t be the only things stiff this week. Although Ginger has plenty of friends and tag team partners (Bobby Collins, Mike Dez, Samples of Fresh2Death, Thunder, mLe), she intends to artificially inflate the numbers this Thursday. Snapshots she got last week are to be turned into life-sized cardboard cutouts. Call it the Cardboard Cutout Entourage. As you may have noticed, the Littleton knob twiddler has a serious sense of humor.

“I kind of wanted to change the name of the night to Abrasive Glitter. I’m still seriously considering changing the name of the night every week. There’s so many good ones. Hen House. Glitter Box.”