In the upcoming August Gentlemen Issue, we’ve featured four Denver Men We Love in every man’s fantasy (with fashion and females). But, we aren’t giving away the milk for free. In masked questionnaires, we’ve asked our Denver men some questions about their real life fantasies without giving away their identities.

Relationship status: Single.

His real fantasy: Two different egos and two different girls pleasing his freaky side and nice side. “It’s just about the girls feeling comfortable and having fun.” What are those two egos? “For me to know.”

What’s his type ? Classy, independent woman. A Princess Diana type, helping others and who carries herself well.

He identifies more with Hugh Hefner, Bill Gats or Tim Tebow? Bill Gates, he’s low key, but Bill Gates and Hugh Hefner could be put together, then maybe he’d chose that.

If he could be with any female celebrity, who would it be? Alicia Keys because she is pure beauty.

Why does he think 303 Magazine loves him? It’s a mutual love.

His favorite spot to chill in D-town? Home, Kona Grill to get a few drinks and the Rio Grande for margaritas.

Denver loves him, why does he love Denver? He’s a visual guy, so he loves the mountains. Plus, he’s mellow and laid back and likes to go to work, come home and relax.

***Hint on who he is: he’s on TV and in amazing shape!