Photo: Susie Malbacias

It’s a really good feeling when you know what you want, so you can jump into life with both feet. Mostly I think going after what you want involves getting your freak flag out and waving it high. Joy is underrated, my friends. So get the hell out there and find what makes you happy. I don’t care if you have a foot fetish and drool over women’s shoes like rich bitches drool over diamonds, or if it’s that you simply love drinking cervesas on an outdoor patio and laughing your ass off with your best friends.

Like my best buddy Steve says, “The joy is in the discovery.” My own personal freak flag involves a killer hat collection, laughter, an obsession with tattoos, riding my sweet cruiser all over town, and physically parking myself any place where I can drink in sunlight like an iguana in the dessert. And if it rains, I will stand in the rain, reach up and let it come down on me–because my friends, I have kickass hats to keep the rain off my face. It’s all just really superfine.

Maybe I feel this way because it’s finally summer. Or maybe it’s because…

I met a girl. And her name is Juliet.