There is a God! Because if there wasn’t, a new website that combines some of my favorite things would not have recently emerged. This website comes in the form of MTV Style. MTV Style blog follows how people (primarily celebs and pop culture idols) express themselves through fashion and beauty. The new site covers a unique side of the industry including news, trends, interviews and videos. Plus it gives regular folks like us a peak behind the scenes (or seams). MTV Style is fashion, with volume on high.

Since we’re on the subject of music and style, mega-music and fashion star, Madonna is getting close to releasing her clothing line, Material Girl, which she has created with her daughter, Lourdes. Sketches for the Fall 2010 line, which will be sold at Macy’s, were just released and the pieces look in-vogue and wonderfully girly, with 80s influence, ranging in price from $12-$40. You can strike a pose in these duds starting August 3rd.

Images from Madonna's Material Girl line