First off, let us say that when 303 was invited to preview Matthew Morris Salon‘s latest available treatment, the Kerastase Chronologiste, we didn’t blink at the opportunity. Kerastase has long been a favorite product of ours–one that has instant results (very good for people like us, who need everything yesterday). So, not knowing what to expect, our 303 guinea pig, the editor in chief, Laura Standley, took a seat in Marvin Gutierrez’s chair to experience the restorative hair treatment. MMS is one of only three Colorado salons that has been selected to sling this product.

According to the Kerastase Paris press kit, ” Chronologiste is a superior haircare miracle. This extraordinary product turns back time…” And then it goes on to say something about ingredient-rich caviar-pearls and alchemy. Sounds delicious, right? You can grab the whole kit for a suggested retail price of $145-ish and that will get you about 1o in-home treatments.

(Gutierrez said the product is best used after every 5 or 6 shampoos.)

For anyone familiar with Kerastase or its capabilities, this is quite a snag. But, the Kerastase rep on-hand encourages clients to make this an in-salon ritual (her speak, not ours, but we like that ritual makes beautifying seem much more important and mystical than saying treatment). For $60 plus a little extra for an ultra-lux Gutierrez blowout, let us take you on a rundown of what you’re going to get.

First, you’ll come into the salon with your plain ol’ hair–and you’ll be slightly remiss, like our EIC Laura Standley appears in her “before” photo.

Head to the Euro-style shampoo bowls and enjoy a nice shampooing from trained hands. It’s a luxury that makes a girl think to herself, “As soon as I’m rich, I will hire someone to wash my hair at my every whim…” Afterward, get ready for the magic of Chronlogiste to begin to take your hair back in time when it was younger, smoother, shinier–whatever it is that it isn’t now. And again, when Kerastase is in charge of our future hair, we believe it. Its like the Miss Cleo of hair products.

A sleek tray presents the product–pearl beads “mimicking caviar, which lie immersed in sea-water to preserve their excellence” in one tiny black ramekin and a “velvety cream rich in nourishing essentials” in another. Place the black pearl tub beneath the cream, lock’em and load’em by mixing them together, and activate the power of the product.

Gutierrez then coated Standley’s hair with the product and rapped her up in a little foil cap, secured by a soft Kerastase band. She didn’t have to go under the heat lamp, but the foil cap kept just enough warmth in for the treatment to process correctly. Then, Gutierrez performed the included-in-the-price-of-the-ritual massage–just what every girl needs before cocktails with friends.

Next, it was back to the rinse station where the product was washed away and a gorgeous smell permeated the air. After a signature Gutierrez blowout–one of his favorite job duties–Standley’s hair was noticeably more obedient, shiny and healthy. She said a couple people asked her if she had just gotten a haircut after the treatment. Et voila, a Chronologiste believer is born.

For Denver area residents seeking the fountain of youth for hair, hit up the web,, or give them a ring at 303.715.4673.