Flobots didn’t botch a single note Friday night.

Survival Story, the follow-up to their Universal Republic debut Fight With Tools, saw its CD Release bash go down this past weekend at a packed Ogden Theatre.

The hometown heroes brought their A-Game.

Flobots frontmen Jonny 5 and Brer Rabbit have known each other since childhood, and their rap rapport is a testament to that fact. Witnessing them trade tongue twisters the other night was a sight worth beholding. Brer is the better dancer, though. His popping during “Jetpack” was impressive.

There’s nary a weak link in the band. Mackenzie Roberts’ near virtuosic viola playing stood out (especially on her “Star-Spangled Banner” solo), as did Andy Rok’s pogo guitar antics, but every member was beyond solid. Even special guest Matt Morris was on point for his “Infatuation” cameo. It’s no wonder a Denver Mayor’s Award was bestowed upon the group recently for “Excellence in the Arts.”  Then again, mentoring at-risk youth probably didn’t hurt their odds.

Today sees the official dissemination of Survival, commemorated by a free, in-store performance at Rolling Stone-endorsed Denver record store Twist & Shout. “White Flag Warrior,” the first single featuring kindred spirit Tim McIlrath (Rise Against), is already in regular rotation at the station responsible for breaking the band in the first place– KTCL 93.3 FM. Fort Collins’ Blasting Room Studios, where the band tracked under supervision of Beastie Boys’ producer Mario Caldato, Jr. (after pre-production at Denver’s Brotherhood Studios), is supposedly responsible for more radio-ready records than any other currently operating in Colorado. Only long dormant Caribou Ranch racked up more hits.

Outdoing the ubiquitous “Handlebar” will be hard, but Flobots aren’t backing down from the challenge. Here’s to hoping Survival is a sophomore jump.