I am not Irish, Polish and Italian actually. However, every St. Patrick’s Day I manage to drink enough green beer to kill a small child and consume more car bombs than downtown Baghdad. At the top of my head I cannot think of any beauty products that correspond with St. Patrick’s day except for maybe Tara Reid’s toenail color in The Big Lebowki. So I am not going to recommend anything this week and instead I will tell you of a product you should stay far away from.


This past week I had an unfortunate and unwelcome blemish and was forced to resort to Clearasil’s 4 hour vanishing cream. I followed the directions and 6 hours after using it, my face looked looked like it was doused with hydrofluoric acid. So all week I had to deal with a chemical burn instead of a zit, thank you Clearasil. And the worst part of this whole zit/burn situation is that this product was well over 12 dollars and as a struggling artist I cannot afford to waste 12 dollars on a product I will only end up trashing in my beauty blog. I guess it is the least I can do.