Drugstore Connoisseur

I am not Irish, Polish and Italian actually. However, every St. Patrick’s Day I manage to drink enough green beer to kill a small child and consume more car bombs than downtown Baghdad. At the top of my head I cannot think of any beauty products that correspond with St. Patrick’s day except for maybe Tara Reid’s toenail color in The Big Lebowki. So I am not going to recommend anything this week and instead I will tell you of a product you should stay far away from.


This past week I had an unfortunate and unwelcome blemish and was forced to resort to Clearasil’s 4 hour vanishing cream. I followed the directions and 6 hours after using it, my face looked looked like it was doused with hydrofluoric acid. So all week I had to deal with a chemical burn instead of a zit, thank you Clearasil. And the worst part of this whole zit/burn situation is that this product was well over 12 dollars and as a struggling artist I cannot afford to waste 12 dollars on a product I will only end up trashing in my beauty blog. I guess it is the least I can do.

  1. OMG girl, thanks for sharing! and for being funny, even in light of your unfortunate chemical burn. i hope once healed it yields nice, new skin to at least reward you for all that suffering…

  2. Girl, I TOLD you…Burts Bees blemish stick…best product around. With eucalyptus and tea tree oils you can’t go wrong…no matter how many times you apply. Its an easy roll on product, costs about $8.00 on a bad day, will last 3 months with regular usage, and doesn’t smell like a vat of chemicals. Even better, it can turn mount everest into a mere foothill overnight. Magic!

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