The first week of the month is the most fun for me, mainly due to the fact that whatever money I didn’t spend on bills and rent is mine to spend of my ‘life must-haves’, which includes cheap wine from Argonaut, about 12-14 bundles of beets from Whole Foods and a new face-wash product from Rite-Aid.

Every boyfriend I have ever dated complained that I get bored too easily, and I am sure every one of my face products would probably declare the same thing. I am not sure what happens but after about 30 days of using the same face-wash, face-moisturizer combination I get totally and utterly bored, like I do with men, and convince myself to move on without looking back. One positive outcome of this monthly ritual is that I do know the best face washes under 10 dollars for every skin type.

Most people believe that face-wash has to be expensive in order for it to be effective and I am here to set people straight. A great rule of thumb for face products is that less is more. Most acne washes contain harsh ingredients that over-dry your skin and can cause irritation. Also, making sure you are washing your face correctly can increase the effectiveness of your product. Start each face-cleaning routine by washing your hands really well and by making sure you wet your face thoroughly with warm water. Then apply your cleanser to your hands, add warm water and work into a lather. Start lathering your face, for a minimum of 30 seconds, no less. Making sure your face is completely clean. Throughout all of my field research, I found gentle foaming cleansers clean the best without causing irritation.

Whether you have dry skin or super sensitive skin you do not need to overpay for face-wash no matter which D-list celebrity tells you to buy Proactive. This week I found a great wash for your normal or average skin type, a great cleanser for dry skin that is not greasy and I even found an acne wash that is gentle but still efficient in clearing troubled skin. Always apply a gentle, moisturizing face lotion after cleansing your face with any or all of the following products. Good luck and know that looking beautiful doesn’t always have to be expensive.

For normal or sensitive skin:

Product of the Week: Purpose Cleansing Wash.

The best, no-frills face-wash on the market. This product is super gentle and leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean.

For dry skin types:

Product of the Week: Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleanser.

Great for these dry Colorado winters. This Product cleans really well without over-drying or leaving your skin feel tight.

For acne prone skin types:

Product of the Week: Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash with Pink Grapefruit.

This product is great because it fights acne naturally with grapefruit extract but is gentle enough to use everyday.

-Love your drugstore connoisseur